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    Yeral wrote:

    Again, I wasn’t accusing anyone of anything, I was just commenting on the situation as it appears here – I have no background information whatsoever and for all I know some very important details could have been left out.

    Actually you don’t know me one bit you n00b. And throwing your two cents in only makes me decide I may not like you at all based on your first impression. This thread did not demand your input. Thank you. You’ve been here for 4 months…

    I have had an issue for a while with one other person who opened their mouth in this thread about waiting for me (And I have never said a word on the forums about it might I add.)…How about every time I asked about every blank you bragged about getting only to have you tell me that somehow someone already snuck in and commissioned it? I’ve waited almost a year for it too yet I have always stuck up for you and defended you…And you say this? Thanks. I’ll remember how I left you in the dust…NOT. (BTW I see posts as often as I get on facebook by this peson…and they could have contacted me anytime there…Been tons of blank Griffins in the store lately.)

    As for the other members who have had nothing but nice things to say to or about me, Thank you kindly, but this is not your fight, don’t cause waves for yourselves here over me. I don’t expect anyone to stick their necks out for me. This will be my final reply to this thread and I don’t feel I was in the wrong with anything I have/will have said either.

    By the way, sending someone a pic of a timber wolf and being ADAMANT that you want an ARCTIC wolf is very confusing…Even if you are an every day Joe…But thank you Kujacker for addressing the issue of the differing wolves. I just hope someone can manage to do a commission for her that is everything she wants it to be. Be whatever type of “dog” she may want.

    With that said…I bow to the forum moderator God I will forever remember as “Nam”…

    By the way…I have quite a few people on a waiting list…Yet none have been rude about it…Even the people who sent me THEIR blanks to paint. With no more contact than Poems has gotten.


    I really am appalled by all this. First off, I couldn’t figure out my password for the forums. Secondly, yes, I did have some personal issues. I don’t feel I need to post them all here because they are MY issues. Because for everyone person who is nice, another will judge. I will say this. I work 6 days a week, Sundays off is all. I am looking to move as I am getting a divorce. I make just over min wage for IL. I will be selling off a bit of my collection soon. I also want to say, she had no clue what the difference in breeds of wolf are. She said arctic, I painted an arctic…It was wrong. I explained to her a bit of what was going on. I have had a money order and a blank wolf to send back to her sitting on the counter without a chance to mail it out. I am now working and trying to get over strep throat (just got over the flu!). I am also using my boss’s computer to post this. I told her when I got the money (yes I TOO HAVE BILLS) I would send it to her. But I’ll be sure to take time off work and send it to you Poems…And I’ll just keep the wolf. I’ll sell it locally when I finish it…WHEN I HAVE TIME TO PAINT! But, it won’t get finished first. Sorry for having a life outside of Windstone…But Poems, you are the only person on my list who has gone to the lengths of trying to make me sound like a thief or a con artist at a place I spent years at before you…How sad for you. And just to add, I do believe up until now I haven’t had any problems.

    Dragon, if you are referring to the Dark Phoenix Griffin, I still have him and was waiting and waiting on you to have a griffin to swap for him…But I understand…People get busy, and commissions make money, not swaps. I am sorry.

    As I am sure that there are others on my list who are still wondering what is going on, you can either find me on facebook or use the email i have listed in my PYO commission thread (tho it will take me longer to respond to the email since I open it once a week).
    I’d like to thank the other forum members who have contacted me to let me know about this situation, Thank You.


    I am alive. I am learning a new laptop cuz my pc crapped out. I have been busy with alot of personal issues. I am picking up paintbrushes and starting up again. My butt has healed nicely, and I am sorry Peg, I’ll get that in the mail in the am…I need 2 get Koiishi too…Ugh…Why can’t everything be just a little easier? Bleh.
    Mi, I am fine. Sorry it’s been so long. Got the charm u sent too. *hugs* I will try to get back 2 all of u asap. Sorry for the worry. 🙁


    Oh I’m not going anywhere, well not far anyways! Not for a while…But maybe one day. LOL Years down the road that is… 😆


    Ok, all..I kinda ran into a SNAFU last Sunday. Upon waking at 930 am, I proceeded to fall down all but 3 of the 11 steps leading downstairs from my bedroom. Lucky me, I managed not to pee myself, since that was the reason for my hurry in the first place. 😳 I managed not to break anything, but my rump is very sore. I have tried a few times to sit and paint, but I get about an hour in, and I have to move, or lay over and take the weight off. The majority of my time, I have either been on the couch or on the pc, leaning way to the left. LOL
    So, Glen is back in school, and I have time to sit, away from everyone, but a sore butt keeps me from sitting long, so bare with me, I am painting, it’s just not enough at a time to actually post pics of right now. I will get some up sometime in the near future though!
    Sorry for the hold up. 🙁


    dragonmedley wrote:

    From the paucity of comments, either people missed my part of the kirin on p. 12 or just don’t like it 😈

    I whiffed…I’m sorry! But It’s really cool! I like the idea! 😀


    bodine6127 wrote:

    I know you are very busy but any new pics of “Fall” lately? 🙂 I need a pick-me-up 🙁

    What if I told you all I am waiting on is a less humid day to be able to clear coat her? :scratch: That’s all I am waiting on! It’s very frustrating…I am getting to the point where I may just clear coat inside. 🙄 My mom picked up Glen yesterday afternoon. I plan to get what I need done on here in a few minutes and head downstairs to paint for the day. This weather is wreaking havok on me being able to clear coat…I really am not much for brush on sealers either, but I probably should get some just for this reason. Does Golden make a really good clear coat that brushes on? Anyone know?


    Poems wrote:



    LOL!!! Working on it! 😳


    It’s been a while since I posted in here, and have gotten a few new pieces, but I owe Poems a photo of the kitty she helped me to get! SO here is MY Birman “Tasha”.

    I’ll try for a better outdoors pic this week. My mom just took off with my son this afternoon for the week, so I am hoping that barring any weird crap happening to throw me off stride, I will get alot of painting done this week too.
    Also, I won an auction on ebay. I threw a $30 bid on this girl, and it cost $12 for shipping…A total of $42…ANd a heart attack when she showed up today…Also, a miracle…I named her “Miracle”. She showed up in a HUGE box, wrapped in a single sheet (1 layer over her entire body, where it hadn’t come loose) of bubble wrap, with large bubbles. In a bunch of peanuts, that didn’t even fill the box! >.< I picked it up outside my door this afternoon, and almost cried before I cut away the 2 thin pieces of tape holding the box shut…I could feel her flopping around in there, rather freely, and thought, ugh…Big piece and alot of wiggle room between boxes…Well, surprise me, there was no inner box! She was riding on her bottom the whole way to me, PARCEL POST USPS!!! No insurance, and well…Here she is, my last needed gargoyle to round out my Gargoyle collection! The only damage is in the last photo which was already shown in the auction! O.O

    And this is a shot of the damage on her behind…It is actually minimal, and looks more like it was caused by someone who sat her down hard on shelves rather than in shipping, and photos of this damage were included in the auction (If any of you ran across it on ebay, you know this probably). I am really happy to have had the fortunate good luck on my side and got her whole. She should have been kibble n bits on the bottom of that box by all rights. So, for every one of the broken babies we see come to someone here on the forums, and the hearts broken and tears shed over their small destroyed bodies…She holds each of them up on her wings, and carries with her their courage, strength, and souls. 🙂


    drag0nfeathers wrote:

    Yea, Emerald has been long gone for a while now. ROFL!

    Yeap, I think this is a nice replacement for Red Fire don’t you think?
    This was my first thought exactly! A color combo I could really get into that has oranges, reds, and golds…I miss the rubies. 😕 And, I miss the Emeralds…A LOT! Yes, I am all for this to replace Red Fire. squeek*


    She actually just finished him Medley! You didn’t miss him, but he isn’t for sale either. 😉
    I absolutely love him Koi! 😀 😀 Perrrrrfect!!! *wipes off screen* 😳


    There are some Ki-Rin’s in the store right now. Well there was 7 2 minutes ago…But no Griffs. Those should be next batch I’d imagine. 😀


    Griffinlover wrote:

    Hey WSC! Have u been getting my messages? You are a hard chica to get a hold of 😀

    I thought I answered the last one you sent! >.< Resend it! LOL! I just cleaned out over 60 messages in my PM box…It took me over an hour to check each one I deleted for pertinent info before I got rid of it. I am now working on PM'ing people on my list. I did get ahold of one, and got a reply. But I am…Oops…Ur still on the list! My next person! LOL 😈


    Well, that is just icky horrible, and makes me want to stay away from Craig’sList now too. I am sorry you had to go through all that. 🙁


    I also voted to retire them. I have 3 of them…They are not my favorite, in fact, never have been. They used to be around $25 which made them nice to put on a Christmas or Birthday list…Now, not so much. I’d be all for something that took it’s place in the family, and was sorta the same size, but without a price increase. It’s easier anymore for people 2 get others GC’s from the store that they can add together and get something, or just add to some cash to get what they want IMO. 😕

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