About M. Peña

Melody Peña

At the heart of every piece created by sculptor M. Peña is the artist’s passion for living creatures. This passion, coupled with a lifelong study of animal behavior and anatomy, and an astonishing gift for three-dimensional art, results in sculpture so intriguing and lifelike it is without equal.

Growing up in California, Peña surrounded herself with animals. Keeping more than two dozen aquariums in her childhood bedroom, a pet toad in a wastebasket, and a chicken in a bucket, her collection of pets soon became the subject of her artwork.

In college, Peña studied biology and zoology in addition to painting, drawing, and sculpture. Working from her original observations and imagination, and with a natural talent for design, she continues to study and experiment in the creation of her artwork. The result is the unique and distinctive look of sculpture and prints by M. Peña.

Now living on the outskirts of Corvallis, Oregon, and tending a menagerie of animals large and small, the beastly lessons of anatomy, behavior, and humor are daily events. And no matter how fanciful her invented creatures may appear, her llamas, sheep, goats, birds, turtles, lizards, spiders, and even wild mice all play a role in Peña’s incredible artwork.

After founding Windstone Editions in 1985 Peña’s talent quickly became recognized worldwide as a defining force in the fantasy art market and continues to set the standard for originality, detail, and quality.

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