Welcome to Windstone Editions behind the scenes! Ever wonder what a Grab Bag is, or want to see some of the behind the scenes Grab Bag action? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Follow along as we take a closer look at Melody Peña’s work on the Grab Bags behind the scenes and describe how fans like you can participate in the Grab Bag process today.

1. What’s in a Windstone Editions Grab Bag?

Windstone Editions grab bags behind the scenes Grab Bag class photo showing all of the grab bag members
Autumn Leaf 2021 Edition Poads(TM) Class Photo I Griffin Alberti

Each Grab Bag season, sculptor and artist, Melody Peña chooses a creature she has designed and sculpted to be reproduced through hand-casting in a limited batch. Melody then individually hand-paints this limited batch of gypsum creatures in a specific theme. Each individual creature is given glass eyes and it’s own unique, hand-painted design within that theme. Past Grab Bag Editions have included unique unicorns, Poads(TM), foxes, and more. Hand-painted by Melody in a wide variety of wild and whimsical colors and patterns, each individual Grab Bag item is not only unique but they are all exclusively designed, hand-painted and signed by Melody herself.

Hey you! Yeah, you! Poads(TM)  are strange but benevolent little creatures from the pages of my graphic novel, “Reptangle™. DragonKae keeps threatening to make a blog about it. Stay tuned.


In order to to maximize the number of fans who can participate, when you purchase a Grab Bag item, there is a limit of one per customer. You won’t know which color you have been sent until after you open your hand-packed order. There are usually less than 150 pieces in each Grab Bag edition, so supplies go fast. For example, the 2021 Autumn Leaf Poad(TM) class only contains 107 pieces. That means that only 107 people can join in the fun this round.

2. What Makes Windstone Editions Grab Bags Social?

Some of the 2021 Autumn Leaf Poad Editions of the Fall 2021 Grab Bag
Autumn Leaf 2021 Edition Poads(TM)

Did you know that Windstone Editions Grab Bags are social experiences? That’s right! Grab Bag experiences happen in three steps: subscribe, snag, and swap. 

Once fans subscribe to our newsletter, they will be notified when the Grab Bags go live. After the Grab Bags go live, fans hurry to snag a Grab Bag before they are sold out. Then when the order arrives, this leads to the extra fun part: swapping with other Windstone fans. Fans can either get social by showing off which Grab Bag item they received on our website forum or Official FB Group. Fans can get super social by swapping their Grab Bag piece with another Windstone fan in those same places. Didn’t get a Grab Bag this time around but still want to see the action? You can! The conversation is always super fun to watch. You can find an archive of past Windstone Grab Bag forum conversations here.

Ready to join in the fun? You can join the Windstone Forum on our website, Facebook group, or both in order to trade, sell, collect, and see your favorite unique Windstone Grab Bag pieces, today.

3. What Happens Before Windstone Editions Grab Bags Go Live?

Now that you know what a Windstone Editions Grab Bag is, let’s enjoy some sneak peeks at the 2021 Autumn Leaf Poad(TM) Grab Bags behind the scenes with artist and sculptor Melody Peña.

Windstone Editions Melody Pena painting at her painting wheel
Melody Peña at her studio wheel I Kaedence Eaton

Once the Grab Bag class pieces are cast and dry, Melody gets to work at her studio wheel (pictured above). Painting each piece by hand with unique colors and patterns, Melody is always creating new designs. In the photo above, look closely. Can you spot the reference photos Melody is using for inspiration? Melody’s inspiration often comes from her love of the natural world.

Melody Peña describing and showing pieces on Facebook. I Melody Peña

As Melody works on Grab Bag behind the scenes pieces she will often post videos and photos on social media describing what she is working on, like this great Facebook post (embedded above). In this video you can hear Melody describing some of the special features of this 2021 autumn batch of Poads(TM).

Windstone Editions artist Melody Pena and Griffin Alberti arranging the class photo grab bags behind the scenes
Melody Peña & Griffin Alberti working on a class photo. I Kaedence Eaton

Once all of the pieces are complete, dry, and signed, it’s time to get the behind the scenes Grab Bag class photo before they go live in our Windstone Editions online store. Melody’s jack-of-all-trades son, Griffin Alberti, usually helps compose and shoot the class photo with Melody. Once the class photo is released, many fans use it to circle the class piece they would like to find if another Windstone fan receives it and is willing to trade. You can view the complete 2021 Autumn Leaf Poad(TM) Edition class photo (photographed by Griffin and edited by Melody) below.

Windstone Edition Autumn Leaf Poad(TM) Class Photo I Griffin Alberti

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