Information for Dealers

Info for Windstone Dealers

To become a retail dealer of Windstone Editions figurines by M. Peña your company must meet the following basic requirements:

You must have a retail storefront which sells appropriately-related gifts and collectibles at full retail markup in a location that is a fixed permanent structure and that is not too close to an existing Windstone Editions dealer. A home business must be a shop separate from living quarters with separate entrance and sign, and naturally it must be licensed and in an area zoned for commercial business. We do not allow our dealers to sell from internet auctions and we are not taking on any new internet-only mail order dealers.

Please contact us with the name, address, telephone number, and website (if you have one) of your store to request wholesale information. Wholesale orders are not placed on-line. You may email us at service@windstoneeditions.com or telephone (800) 982-4464 or fax to (541) 752-0774.

Please do not offer Windstone Editions product for sale until you have been approved as a qualified Windstone Editions dealer. We do not process for approval until we have received your first order.

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