Holiday shopping for a painter, fantasy art lover, Windstone super fan, cat lover, animal lover, or all-of-the-above? The Windstone Holiday Guide will help you find new treasures for even the biggest Windstone super fan among us.

“As always, we recommend you order holiday items as early as possible (especially before December 15th) to avoid item shortages and holiday-related shipping delays due to winter storms. Love, Fuzzy!”


1. Windstone Holiday Guide to Dragons for Every Budget

Windstone Holiday Guide
Windstone Editions dragon line-up for scale comparison

If you’ve heard of Windstone Editions, you probably know that we have been handmaking one-of-a-kind dragon figures for over 30 years. But did you also know that our dragons range in price depending on size and complexity of production? With this in mind, we design dragons for multiple budgets. You can view all of our hand-painted dragons in stock (while supplies last) through the button below. Looking for hand-painted dragons within our lowest price point? If you’re looking for dragons ranging from $64 to $120 this holiday season, we recommend exploring our Curled Dragons, Baby Dragons, Fledgling Dragons, Mini-Keeper Dragons, and Bantam Dragons. But that’s not all! Explore our full collection of dragons in stock below.

2. ✨SPECIAL GIFT IDEA: Windstone Holiday Guide to PYOs

Windstone Holiday Guide
Windstone Editions Paint Your Own figurines

Perfect for aspiring and advanced artists alike, paint-your-owns (PYO’s) are a perfect gift to fuel your loved one’s creative fire. Looking for classic Windstone Editions Paint Your Own fantasy creatures? How about realistic Paint Your Own animals? Well, you can find all of the Paint Your Own Windstone Editions pieces currently in stock here.

3. ✨SPECIAL GIFT IDEA: Melody Peña’s Graphic Novel – The Veligent

The Veligent - Page 16
Veligent: Book 1 of Reptangle by Melody Peña

Is your loved one a reader, graphic novel enthusiast, or Windstone Edition superfan? If so, you won’t want to miss Windstone Edition creator Melody Peña’s first graphic novel The Veligent: Book One of Reptangle. Reptangle is a fantasy graphic novel series that Melody Peña has been working on since she was fifteen years old. Book one of Reptangle is called The Veligent. Did you know that several characters that can also be found as Windstone sculptures? That’s right! From Flions, to winged meerkats, and Melody’s well-loved  Poads™, The Veligent makes a great introduction to these characters. Readers love getting to know the sculptures personalities and the world that they live in, through Melody’s graphic novel.

4. Windstone Holiday Guide to More Mythological Creatures

Baby Unicorn - Snow White
Windstone Editions Unicorns and more.

You may know our dragons, but did you know Windstone Editions produces hand-painted sculptures of other mythological creatures as well? Explore the 2021 Holiday season stock of unicorns and pegasus below, available while supplies last.Join waitlists to be notified year round of new mythological creatures in stock, including griffins, unicorns, ki-rins, pegasus, and more.

5. ✨SPECIAL GIFT IDEA: Windstone Holiday Guide to Pebble Animals

Pebble Animals designed by Melody Peña

Whether your loved one is an animal lover or a Melody Peña super fan, as an animal lover herself, this line of Pebble Animals is near and dear to Melody’s heart. When asked if she could only make one design style for the rest of her career, what that design style would be, this Pebble Animal series is often first pick. Made in limited production in a design created by Melody herself, Windstone superfans, animal lovers, and Peña art collectors alike love this beautiful original series.

6. Explore Windstone’s Whimsical Cat Sculptures

Windstone Editions whimsical cats designed by Melody Peña

Calling all cat lovers! Whether you prefer Flap Cats or deceptively domestic looking feline friends, Melody has lots of cat sculptures to explore. As with all of our inventory, these Windstone Cat figures are hand cast and hand-painted and only available while supplies last. Psst! Looking for a laugh? Don’t miss out on the chance to at least take a peek at the playfully named Paper Tiger cat.

7. ✨SPECIAL GIFT IDEA: Windstone Holiday Guide to Candle Lamps and Holders

Candle Lamps Designed by Melody Peña

With a great seasonal vibe, you can add a little more light to your loved one’s Windstone collection with one of Melody’s limited production whimsical candle lamp and holder designs. These fun candle lamps are cast in natural mineral stone, hand painted, and shipped complete with candle and glass votives. They are cast gypsum reproductions of an original sculpture by Melody Peña produced by Windstone Editions, and will add a little joy to any room you find them in.

8. ✨SPECIAL GIFT IDEA: Versatile Windstone Editions Gift Certificate

Windstone Editions Gift Certificate
Windstone Editions Gift Certificate

Still can’t decide? Windstone Gift Certificates might be just the thing! Whether the Windstone enthusiast in your life prefers to grow their own collection or you are SUPER short on gift buying time, Windstone Editions Gift Certificates are the most versatile Windstone holiday gift of all.

Windstone Gift Certificates (also known as the Poad(TM) Voucher), can be emailed to the recipient, printed at home by the gift giver or they can be printed here at Windstone Editions and mailed to the address of your choice. Just follow the Windstone Gift Certificate instructions through the link below, and let your recipient use their Poad(TM) Voucher as they see fit. Give it as a stocking stuffer or wrap it in a box, either way, it will make the perfect Windstone holiday gift.

Looking for additional holiday gift ideas? Visit us on Facebook and Instagram. We are happy to help! Do you have a more urgent question? Contact service@windstoneeditions.com with any holiday questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible! Happy holidays!