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Grab bag Young sitting Oriental dragons class pics

Cool colors.  A few have a black base with  blue/red or green/purple color shift spots.

Wild colors.  Some of these could be classified as “cool colors” too but they have green or blue that blends with other colors, so I classified them as “Wild”. There are a few oddballs with a black base and color shift, or metallic spots.


Koi colors. Most are natural looking colors but there are a couple with blue spots.


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March 2018 raffle prize

This is “Fire Quartz” the  March 2018 raffle prize. He is a pink and fiery orange male dragon with silver eyes and trim.

If you would like a chance to win Fire Quartz, and haven’t already entered this raffle, you can enter by sending me an email with  “March 2018 raffle” in the subject line. Include your real name, forum name and address in the body of the email.

I made a new email address for raffle entries.

email to:

If you have already entered using my other email :  reptangle @ gmail .com,  no problem. You don’t need to re-enter. I’ll enter you from that email address as well.