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February Raffle prize!

This is Blooo the raffle prize for February 2018! He is a  Male dragon painted with blue/red paint and firey orange trim.  I tweaked the color in this pic with photoshop to approximate the intensity of his blueness, it is very difficult to photo!

If you haven’t already entered this raffle, and would like a chance to win “Blooo”  send me an email with the words February 2018 raffle in the subject line. Include your real name, forum name, and address in the email. Send to:   reptangle

I’ll pic a winner at the end of the month!

4 thoughts on “February Raffle prize!

  1. OMG Melody! This color scheme on ALL dragons needs to be like… a new priority! <3 I would want them ALL!

    Can you imagine a Rising Spectral in this? Or a Hearth Dragon? *gasp* Be still my heart!!!

  2. Doesn’t he just glow? I think this is only the 3rd or 4th raffle I’ve been tempted enough to enter- he’s stunning!

  3. Beyond stunning, oh, I wish I had noticed him sooner and entered my raffle chance!

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