About Windstone Editions

We produce the finest quality fantasy sculpture and collectible figurines.

Windstone Editions was founded in 1985 as a means of populating the world with the unique creatures created by M. Peña. Originally established in North Hollywood, California, our factory quickly grew to over fifty skilled artisans, technicians, and office staff as the demand for Melody’s sculpture expanded. Twenty-three years later, still a family-run business with no offshore production, we relocated the factory to its current home in Corvallis, Oregon, where our family and company enjoy a smaller, more peaceful existence.

Our early innovations in flexible-mold gypsum casting led to production techniques that produce extremely detailed, highly finished collectible figurines based on Melody’s original sculptures. Many of the materials we use are specially formulated to our specifications, and all are selected for the ultimate in quality, regardless of cost.

The creation of new sculpture is an arduous process that begins in our factory studio with a raw lump of clay and ends with the detailed painting of a realistic collectible figurine. Melody forms the clay into a rough version of the finished sculpture, often referring to a crumpled foil maquette or sketch. Whether based on a model or sketch, or conceived directly in clay, the work always originates in her head, and the resulting sculpture is always uniquely M. Peña. From these rough clay pieces working molds are made, and models are cast in soft plaster. These, in turn, are re-sculpted with most of the detail of the finished work. Our artisans then produce a second mold, and hard gypsum is cast to be as detailed as the finished figurine. When this sculpture is re-cast in epoxy, we have a durable master for production mold-making.

Windstone Editions collectible figurines

At this stage our skilled artisans take over to cast and finish the figurines. This phase is another complicated process, using custom-designed equipment to finely tune the chemistry of the gypsum stone, pour and hand-finish the castings, and perfectly paint the pieces. Though they can’t quite jump out of the molds and board the UPS truck on their own, the finished works are truly brought to life by the many hands at Windstone.

Beyond the production floor at Windstone lies a playground for innovation and manufacture of odd equipment and commodities. Our model shop is equipped to fabricate almost anything from wood, plastic, and metal, although its main focus is on producing our Alberti Design Tools for musical instrument making and restoration.