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    Wow…Thanks guys! 😳 I am so fuzzy I might float away like a milkweed pod! 😀
    Just a quick post to let people who wander by, if I was to send a box to you, it went out today! The lady at the PO (Ofcourse my favorite lady wasn’t there! 🙄 ) was also helpful in letting me know, that I can use paypal and actually get a discount for using it, to make up shipping labels. Boy, do I sound like a n00b! So maybe I will do that and then I can just give them to the mailman, and he can take them up there for me! Then instead of waiting til I feel safe enough to drive up there…I can get them out to people much faster. Tho I did run into a snafu early this week. Also, I want to really thank anyone who takes/has taken the time to actually get to know me some. You guys mean alot to me, even if I don’t always get around to sending you an email, or even a message. *emotional kick in* Just remember I think about you all the time. *Hugs*

    Also, on a side note. I have had so many inquiries about this particular Keeper…If you REALLY do want one (It’ll be a while I am afraid) you need to contact me, be it through here in a PM or at my email address. ***REMEMBER this particular Keeper is not going to be EXACTLY what you will get. Those Knots were specially done for Jacki!*** The email is in the Flea Market section here on the forums, under Painters Custom Commission rates or something of the sort. My prices are on the 2nd page a little over halfway down. There are a few trades (Production, and LP) I am willing to take posted in there I believe too. Prices can be negotiated with me, the worst I can do is tell you no, but most times I am pretty flexible!

    Also, anyone wanting to inquire about being put on the list. I am 15 people deep on that list right now. Just a heads up to you considering it. I am GOING to make time, if I have to stay up night and day for a month, to try and get caught up. Please be patient with me, if you are already on the list. I have NOT forgotten about you! It’s just not your turn yet! 😈 I can only paint the sculpts I have on hand at the time, and I am almost covered through what I have, just a couple shy from being able to fulfill what is on the list. I am now seeking a few small dragons, and another Keeper for people on the list. I am doing my best to get caught up. 😕 I will however be closing down the list temporarily and contacting the people on it to make sure they still are willing to wait a bit longer for what they requested. I do NOT take payment until YOU say it’s what you want (or as close as I can get to it, I will be honest), so you won’t feel that I am not doing my part to fulfill the obligation, and you don’t feel obligated if you have changed your mind during the wait. I won’t close the list for a few days so anyone desiring a “fire” Keeper can contact me, and I will add you to the list.
    Also, I work on a few pieces at a time, so if you know I am working on yours, and you don’t see it for a while with anything new…Don’t worry, I am still working on it! 8)
    Plus I may be putting the Dark Phoenix Griffin back on sale in the flea market…Just an FYI…I will know hopefully for sure by next Monday. Just for refresher purposes this is “Dark Phoenix”…

    Also, I can change his eye color to bright yellow if desired, but the red eyes make the copper rings stand out better IMO.


    I’d say you out did yourself, WC on this keeper! It is absolutely gorgeous! I always love checking out the things you do! 😀


    Hey WSC! Have u been getting my messages? You are a hard chica to get a hold of 😀


    Griffinlover wrote:

    Hey WSC! Have u been getting my messages? You are a hard chica to get a hold of 😀

    I thought I answered the last one you sent! >.< Resend it! LOL! I just cleaned out over 60 messages in my PM box…It took me over an hour to check each one I deleted for pertinent info before I got rid of it. I am now working on PM'ing people on my list. I did get ahold of one, and got a reply. But I am…Oops…Ur still on the list! My next person! LOL 😈


    I got the Celtic Fire Keeper and it is even more amazing in person! I plan to post pictures, but have been feeling a little under the weather. I really love it! Thank you for all of your hard work Jen. You are truly gifted.

Viewing 5 posts - 256 through 260 (of 260 total)
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