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    Whoo hoo, more of WindstoneCollector’s fabulous work. I eagerly await the progress pics. Have fun and don’t work too hard to the point of burnout.


    bodine6127 wrote:

    Oh boy!I didn’t know you had started on mine too.Cool 😀 Take your time and enjoy.You think your hands were shaking before….. 😮

    LOL – I burst out laughing at the ‘hands shaking’ — I can’t imagine LOL Funny And oh, wow to paint so many things at one time; amazes me! Good luck!!


    I haven’t had much of a chance to paint since everyone in th hous has been sick the past couple weeks. But I did get my eyes from Amanda at Dreaming Tree, and wow! Some of them are too freaking cool for words! 😀 Now to take pics of them and send a pic to each person, for the sculpts they are going into!
    Hope to have some photos to pop on here sometime in the near future… 😳


    Can’t wait to see what you do 😀 .


    purpleturtle wrote:

    Can’t wait to see what you do 😀 .

    ROFL! I was just making Scott go look at Rajah again…I think…but am not sure I have shown him before many times. And then I took him to the ended auction for Gothica, and showed him her, and said you had a pretty good auction there! Yeah, I admit, I probably spend more time checking on your PYO’s than my own. 😳
    I have a small amount left to do on the cammo wolf’s body, and then on to it’s wings. I have the darkest red on the scales of the Keeper, and the silver areas on the Raider’s Griff. I haven’t started the others yet, the cow won’t take long, and the bug Griffin is still in sketching phase, but base coated and waiting for his colors. I have grand plans for him! 😮 The Fall Uni has her green and dark mustard yellow blotches on, but is in such an ugly phase, I might not post pics of her yet… 🙄 Scott is back home, so I hope to get some more painting in today and pics up tonight (He will be busy with video games. *evil grin*) so check to see if I have been back late tonight/early tomorrow am. 😀


    I’m so flattered you like my PYOs, WC 😀 . I would love to have one of my griffins added to your army. Eventually, once the PYO is’nt such an endagered species, we can talk shop . I actually intend to paint another Rajah at some point for myself. I have a griffin that I started about a year ago, but I never seemed to get the motivation to finish it. It was going to be a Rajah ‘reborn’ kind of thing, because it was going to be a bit different this time around. He’s going to have peacock eye patterns on his wings and brighter green eyes. More tigery to. That’s if and when I finish him 😳 . I tend to work on more than one project at a time to and as a consequence some stuff gets put on the back burner.


    GAH!!! Dead batteries! I just got back from the store with fresh, so I am off to take pics. I will post them very shortly! Sorry for the wait! 😳 (Everything in my house takes AA’s, and it seems whenever I need a set for my camera, there is never any left! 🙄 )


    Ok, Here goes…

    First up, Here is Radier’s Griffin #1

    Side shot

    Close shot of eyes in

    Cammo wolf

    Fall Unicorn…Very ugly phase, and I hated to even post this. LOL

    And Celtic Fire Keeper

    Side Shot

    Close up of eyes in

    Like I said, it hasn’t progressed much. The Keeper has actually had alot done, since I am working with such thin coats of paint. I am posting these and heading back downstairs to pick up a brush again. The sun is outside my window and I love the way it is shining in. Upbeat and ready to paint am I.
    Serenity, I hope you like the eyes I ordered, as I am totally in love with them, and will have to order another pair for sure! Knew I could get you some type of grey eyes. 😉 These are called Gunmetal with Cat Iris.
    Jacki, I love the way the eyes look in the Keeper, and I hope you do too. I stuck these in and didn’t even hesitate to put the other pair away. I got a beautiful set of light blue Keeper sized eyes called Glacier for the air Keeper. These are called Blaze with Cat Iris.
    (BTW the eyes are not glued in, I will make sure I have the iris straight/eyes centered when that time comes.)


    Oh wow. These are looking great, WC. And the eyes you ordered for them are just gorgeous! Where did you say you got these again?

    I’ll see you cats at that big jam in the sky.


    Drag0nFeathers had mentioned the eyes she got from Amanda at Dreaming Tree Studio…So, after a few months of trying to get up the courage, I emailed Amanda. I ordered 12 sets of eyes just from seeing a couple of the sets Drag0n had gotten. And, I love each set she made! 🙂 Some aren’t as thick as others though, so some may have to have something behind them to build up the socket, but should be an easy remedy. 😉 She hand makes them though, so I can understand a bit of a fluctuation. I know I will be ordering more from her. I am sure I will long before I run out of the ones I have ordered already. 😳 I might actually try ordering a set of 9mm and see if they fit the Griffin, Small Dragon, and Ki-Rin though. There are about 30 pairs I am interested in besides the ones I have already ordered. She has some that have dragon pupils…The ones there are just Cat Irises. I got a couple pairs of round pupil eyes too, but they aren’t for these. 😛
    OH! I also think Purple Cat orders eyes from her too, since pics of her Snail Dragons are on the website’s main page!


    That’s awesome! I love her work and will definitely have to get a few pairs at some point. Thanks for letting me know! 🙂

    I’ll see you cats at that big jam in the sky.


    You bet! She’s really sweet too! 😀


    Wow! I love the eyes in the griffin and especially that Keeper. Stunning! 🙂


    I love the Griffin and the eyes on that keeper, I can’t wait to see him all finished… 🙂



    WindstoneCollector wrote:

    And Celtic Fire Keeper


    lol very cool.

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