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    I think an unpainted pyo of the host’s choice is a fair compensation gift for the hassle they go through micromanaging the swaps. It’ll promote interest in hosting for our biannual-ish swaps without too much drama. I’ll be the one to step on the landmine too: not to be a Negative Nolan but Melody painting a piece just for the host would probably be a bit overkill. People might go a little nutty trying to claim host priority/start swaps at random/etc just to get a special piece (and they might not even put in effort to host seriously). I get it since everyone wants something special and unique from Melody, myself included, but I feel like it could potentially cause more problems than not.

    On another note, you can put me down with a question mark. I’m not really sure I will have the time to paint but it depends on how long we’re given for the swap.


    Galaxy Quest is a definite must-see on my list of recommendations. And you cannot go wrong with the Tremors franchise! Burt Gummer gets the BEST lines! Yus! Monty Python and the Holy Grail! Rush Hour is a great mix of comedy and action. <3 Jackie Chan!

    As for other movies:

    Father Goose – an oldie with Cary Grant but one I find very humorous
    Major League – probably not for everyone since it’s about a baseball team
    Spaceballs – because Mel Brooks
    Blazing Saddles – also because Mel Brooks
    The Lego Movie – adorable, ‘nough said
    Ghostbusters – original 1 & 2, and the redux (though I get annoyed at Melissa McCarthy…it’s always fat or lady part jokes…)
    Dirty Work – nothing beats a guy being thrown out of an office building and it’s intentionally obvious that it’s a sandbag doll
    Shawn of the Dead – Simon Pegg goodness
    Hot Fuzz – Simon Pegg goodness x2
    The World’s End – Simon Pegg goodness x3
    Bruce Almighty
    Evan Almighty
    Excess Baggage – quirky Alicia Silverstone romcom with Benicio Del Toro, say what?

    I don’t know if you want serious action or cheesy action…so here goes…

    Robocop – this movie is still a top ten contender for me
    The Fugitive
    Alien quadrilogy – scifi yummy action
    Allan Quartermain and the Lost City of Gold – yay more 80s nostalgia! jungle adventures!
    Demolition Man – <3 Sly Stallone and Sandra Bullock, great futuristic 90s action hero style
    The Rock – Sean Connery & Nicholas Cage taking on defected military terrorists on Alcatraz
    anything with Bruce Willis… Die Hard, Fifth Element, Red, Red 2, Armageddon, Sin City, et al
    Kill Bill 1 & 2 – gory bloody, but that’s Tarantino for ya

    I’m sure there is more I could list if I really thought about it. These are just what I pulled out from the top of my head after feeling compelled to reply! I tend to prefer older movies: either stuff I watched that my parents liked (my mom loves Father Goose) or stuff I watched growing up. Nowadays it’s hard for me to get into movies when they’re overdone SO MUCH–lots of greenscreen and cgi, etc. For example, I do like the Marvel movies but they almost always end up feeling overworked or ham-handed; decent plots and all, but blah! Give me practical screenplay magic!


    Wow Rylorien, I think he’s a beauty! I should be getting mine tomorrow and depending on what it is I might be interested.

    He definitely needs to go to a home where bright colors are appreciated!


    With a little luck I was able to get one but unfortunately got this minty green fellow. He wouldn’t be awful but the bright pink and yellow just don’t do it for me. The scales turn to purple nearer to his spine. He has lovely soft yellow eyes.

    I also can’t photograph him for beans. The green color just does not read well on my phone. With a flash it looks super bright and without it, it looks like a muted blue. The class photo does justice more than I can.

    He’s definitely up for trade, maybe for sale if I can’t find a likeable one.





    Sinberry, maybe? Gina had a series of different berries–life (green), frost (blue), and sin (dark red) coupled with a white base color and had a harder look to the paint job. Sinberry stuck out to me due to the pure black for orbs/eggs.


    Beautiful! (I love your leggings too!)

    Glad to know I wasn’t the only one looking at her pants. Felt a little weird about it lol.

    Courtney, cute collection! I love those oddball pebble dragons and that rainbow pyo oriental and, as Etruscan said, it’s a smart idea to use their boxes to have more display visibility. Which baby kirin’s butt is that at the top of the first photo (the smarmy blue fellow)?


    As Melody has said many times, scales makes everything worse–both in the painting process and the final cost. She also dislikes wings, cough baby pegs cough. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised at the price but I was still hoping they’d be under 300. Ah well…


    Here’s some that caught my eye, but it’ll definitely depend on pics-in-hand to finalize if I love or like them. I’ll probably make a wanted ad later/tomorrow/sometime just not right now.

    Good luck to people who bit into those those babies. Oy vey!



    Holy butts that is way more than I expected cost-wise. Ugh, gonna have to rely on a trade, methinks to get a favorite. 🙁


    That is a lot of rainbow pastels…should have waited to release these til Easter lol. Wish there were more with jewel/bold tones or fewer with white bellies.




    Here’s a few pieces I’ve added to my collection. The minikeeper I’ve had awhile, the young dragon is the Poseidronax test paint, the gb rising loaf I was able to get via a trade, and the pyo kirin is a gift from a dear forum friend, the awesome Tiger lady. ^_^






    @Natasha He’s so pretty! Finally a good picture of one that really shows off the silver in the leg. Either that, or that fellow is super silvery. Grats!

    @drag0nfeathers I am right there with you when it comes to the Garlen regret train. Here’s hoping for another opportunity down the road (Rue Day kickstarter, what what?). Lol.


    It took me a bit longer than I wanted to get my pictures transferred to my computer, but here’s the piece I received from Tiger in our 1-on-1 trade. Fleur was unexpected in a lot of ways, but I love her! Her spots are phenomenal! For some reason she makes me think of a My Little Pony–an added plus.





    Mimi, I hate to tell you, but that last unicorn? The pink and white one holding the heart jewel? It looks really strange…

    If you mean the red and white Oriental I think that the design inspiration is a trout. I like him, maybe because he is “different”.

    I think the joke dragonmedley was after is that it’s a “unicorn” in among the unicorns.

    Love that southwest silhouette and winter snowflake, Bodine!

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