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    Lisa Z

    The first thread was over 100 pages long, so I made a new one. Hope that’s okay.

    This is the thread purpose from the first post from the original thread:

    Melody suggested that she’d like to make some sort of tally of squeaks! A squeak is essentially a plea from a collector for an item to be made.

    Remember, things that are retired will not be made ever again, so please don’t squeak for them.

    For example, the things I would want that are not made yet:
    mother coiled dragon in colors she hasn’t been painted yet, such as elven, prismatic spring, gold, etc.

    What are your squeaks?

    Original thread:

    What are your squeaks? Tell Melody here!!

    Looking for...
    Mother coiled dragons: violet flame with glass orb, tanzanite, copper patina
    Curled dragons: gold, elven, sand, peacock, nutmeg, emerald peacock, brown, opoponax, serpentine, amethyst



    Ah, I love the smell of a fresh and new Squeak thread, I shall go ahead and list some of my old stand-by squeaks:

    A pebble Kirin.

    A production kitsune sculpt(perfect for grab bagging!), or a new kitsune pyo.

    more production kirin colors!

    Arctic fox in red fox color morphs grab bag.

    Pegasus pyo.

    *Formerly meowmix101
    Not currently open for PYO commissions.
    Find me at: Twitter, DevArt, and IG @landipan



    my sqeak would be for the old animal line to make a comeback….I’d really love to see the Sitting Cat come back especially……

    Seeking a Sitting Cat, please pm me if you have one to sell or you see one on Ebay......



    The trover/hoarder dragon (they will shoot me for this, maybe as a Kickstarter premium to fund a compilation book of Melody’s sketches?)and the hearth to be released in more colors, so maybe there will be one that goes with my collection. An l.p. of emerald would be nice.



    Mystic umber!

    Read my books! Volume 1 and 2 of A Dragon Medley are available now.


    Aphelia Nevermore

    Two squeaks:
    1. Baby spectral dragons, though if the eye-size issue still stands.. maybe a curled or lap spectral?
    2. Male hearth dragons

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