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    Melody suggested that she’d like to make some sort of tally of squeaks! A squeak is essentially a plea from a collector for an item to be made.

    To make things much easier, everyone can only reply to this thread once. List all of the things you want to squeak for in one post!! If you think of something you want to add, simply come back and edit your post to add it (the edit button will be in the upper right corner of your post).

    EDIT, SEPTEMBER 2016: I know our new forum no longer allows editing of old posts, so its okay to squeak with new posts! When I made the rule about “only posting once”, our forum was very active and it was hard to keep up with new posts. That’s not a problem now, so squeak away!

    Remember, things that are retired will not be made ever again, so please don’t squeak for them.

    For example, the things I’d want that are not made yet:

    – PYO winged bookends!
    – PYO phoenix!
    – Silver Old Warriors!
    – Autumn Leaf Old Warriors!
    – The Garden Dragon with stone finish (in Melody’s gallery)!
    – ((etc…))

    Volunteer mod- I'm here to help! Time sensitive issues: See a spammer? Website going haywire? email me! nambroth at gmail.com
    My art: featherdust.com


    Volunteer mod- I'm here to help! Time sensitive issues: See a spammer? Website going haywire? email me! nambroth at gmail.com
    My art: featherdust.com


    ok, I’ll be #2

    Blackfire Kirin (sorry Melody, i had to do it. 😉 )
    Flioness and cubs (good one wolflodge)
    Baby Poads


    PYO Oriental Dragons
    PYO Flapcats
    Autumn Leaf ANYTHING!
    Peacock Curlies
    Rainbow Curlies (missed them, need more)
    Silver Griffins, LP or RP
    Wizard House
    Production Coileds and Coiled Mothers in Gold, Emerald Peacock, and Amethyst
    Green Forest Dragons
    Orange Tabby Flapcat (open eyed) – missed them, need more


    My list is long 😯
    Lion Kirin
    Lge winged wolf
    Garden wolf
    PYO Phoenix
    Siver OW
    Blackgold OW
    Production secret keeper
    Pebble cats
    Wizards house
    Unicorns in new color
    Kirins in new color
    Baby Poadstm
    Grand pegasus
    Production black emerald peacock
    Production closed eyed flap cats
    Opposing flap cat
    Flap cats in new colors
    Flioness & cubs
    Vampire bat
    Had to add cinnamon pearl dragons production

    Hatching llama
    Coiled male and mother in all production colors not done before
    New color orientals
    Any NEW dragon sculpt

    Can’t forget the logo griffin!!


    Blue Spot Griffins
    BVP/BEP on other pieces

    Silver Griffins with other colors added. (Like silver and violet, or silver and blue…)

    Silver dragons with other colors added.


    Thank you!


    All Hoofers (unicorns, pegasus, kirin, gothic) in new colors :squeak:
    New hoofer poses
    PYO Pegasus (something other than the Grand Pegasus -on the same scale as the PYO unicorn maybe)
    Twilight Lap Dragons
    Sunrise fledgling Dragons
    Twilight Fledgling Dragons
    RP Flap Cats (all three) in new colors
    PYO oriental dragon
    Windstone “Coffee table” artbook featuring lots of photos


    PYO Mermaid
    PYO Phoenix
    Garden Dragon
    Lion KiRin
    PYO Oriental
    PYO Pegasus

    all all kinds of other stuff I can’t think of right now..


    My list is empty for the time being!

    Thank you! 😀


    Great idea! 😀

    My List
    More Poad colors
    PYO Winged bookends
    PYO Oriental dragon
    Blackfire Kirins
    Lion Kirin
    Black Emerald Peacock/Black Violet Peacock dragons
    Baby Poads
    Silver Griffins
    Grand Pegasus
    Production or PYO Winged Wolf (do some in black, and my life is complete!! 😀 )
    “Black Ice”-style limited production Flapcats for the store
    Hatching Llama (LP)
    Garden Wolf
    The ‘truce angel’ on her Elfwood page, or something similar
    More GLACIER PEARL dragons, pleeeeeeease!!! And not just on eBay so I can afford one! 😆

    Squeaks fulfilled:
    LE Bengal Tiger/Puffin kittens, in brown and silver! — Got them, thanks so much! 😀
    A Poad with Grey eyes — got one, THANKS! 😀


    production secret keepers
    silver OWs
    black gold OWs
    autumn leaf OWs
    shasta blue OWs
    dark purple OWs
    old green OWs
    rainbow curls
    peacock curls
    ruby curls
    more white curls
    ruby royal hatchers
    anything pink
    more leaf cat sconces
    flapcats of any color


    Pink Mother Coiled Dragons and blue merle dragons and griffins.

    Pink SECRET KEEPER!!! 😀 😀 GOT IT!!! YAY!!!


    Small Calico Flap Cats (Bat and Bird)
    Large Bat Wing Flap Cats
    Small Grey Tabby Bat Wing Flap Cats (like the LE Bird Wing ones)

    Gothic Goat in new color

    New Color Kirin… Pink would be nice… 😛

    I would buy any new dragon sculpt.


    Blackfire kirin
    Blue Spot griffins
    Shasta Blue anything
    PYO oriental dragon
    baby Poads

    Looking for Blue Fawn Baby Kirin
    Peacock Kinglet
    Sanguine Test Paints


    Baby Poad
    Baby Ki-Rin in a new pose
    PYO Phoenix
    PYO large Flapcat
    PYO Young or Baby Oriental Dragon


    Here is my List….

    1.Autumn Leaf Emperor :squeak:
    2.Autumn Leaf Fledgie
    3.Autumn Leaf Poad
    4.Production Secret Keepers
    5.Flioness and cubs
    6.Peacock Curlie
    7.Autumn Leaf Curlie
    8.Unicorns in a new color
    9.Ki Rin’s in a new color (Maybe an Autumn Color or a Natural Color)
    10.Baby Poads
    11.More Poads in different colors
    12.Old Green Old Warrior
    13.Old Green Fledgie
    14. New Dragon Color with Green eyes
    15. Rainforest Emperor
    16.Rainforest Fledgie
    17.Winged Tiger or a whole Winged tiger family.


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 1,560 total)
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