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      I feel like I’m sending Santa a Christmas list πŸ˜† πŸ˜€

      1. production Emerald secret keeper
      2. new color of flion
      3. flioness & cubs
      4. new flap cats (new colors, large bat-wing, production eyes closed, etc.)
      5. lion kirin
      6. PYO phoenix, mermaid, frog, oriental dragon, flap cat–you make it, I will paint it!!
      7. production winged wolf (and family?)
      8. male and female coiled dragons in red fire
      9. new dragon sculpt
      10. mother meerkat

      What I’d love to see restocked in the store:

      1. violet flame curls
      2. lavender pearl curls
      3. keeper PYO


        1. Anything rainbow.
        2. Anything Autumn Leaf
        3. Pyo flappers
        4. Any/all new flappers already listed by others.
        5. Blackfire KiRin
        6. Vampire bat
        7. Wizard’s house
        8. New colorful poadsβ„’
        9. Baby poadsβ„’
        10. Pebble cats
        11. Production secret keeper
        12. A room stretcher. πŸ˜†
        13. Some kind of outdoor wolf or dragon or cat.


          I have a feeling I’ll be editing this a few times, but here goes:

          1. Lion Kirin
          2. Blackfire Kirin
          3. Baby Poads
          4. Brightly colored Poads
          5. production/LP Secret Keeper
          6. LP Beagle Griffins
          7. Gothic Unicorn in a new color
          8. Winged Wolf Pups, either production or PYO
          9. another adult Winged Wolf in a different pose
          10. Production/LP Unicorns in another pose/color
          11. Production/LP Pegasus in another pose/color
          12. Curled Dragons in more colors
          13. Sorceress to go with the small Wizards
          14. Hatching Llama (LP)
          15. Flioness & cubs
          16. Vampire Bat
          17. a new Dragon sculpt
          18. Pebble cats
          19. large Pegasus


            Oy, better to ask me what I don’t want. πŸ˜†

            Production Secret Keepers
            Re-stock of Birman Flapcats
            Empress Dragon
            Lion Kirin
            Large Winged Wolf
            Winged Wolf Family
            Garden Dragon
            Production Phoenix
            PYO Phoenix
            PYO Oriental Dragon
            Blackgold OW
            Pebble Cats
            Potter Cat
            Unicorns in new colours
            Kirins in new colours (Blackfire would be nice)
            Baby Poads
            Production Black Violet Peacock!!!!
            Production Black Emerald Peacock
            Large Bat Winged Flapcat
            Flap Cats big and small in new colours
            Flion in new colours
            Flioness & cubs
            Blue or Gold Spot Griffin families
            Gothic Unicorn in Black
            LP Bronze butterfly Poad
            Koi Kirin Family
            Curls in every colour possible

            Glacier Dragons
            Lava Dragons


            PYO flapcats
            PYO oriental dragons!!!
            Blackfire kirins!!!!!
            Rainbow curlies!!
            Red Fire curlies
            More Wolves!!!!!
            pebble cats
            more unicorns
            baby poads
            Pink fledgies
            pink lap dragons
            hatching llamma!!! XD


            OK You asked for it πŸ˜†
            More Hoofers (unicorns, pegasus,) in new colors
            Winged Zebra
            Grand Pegasus
            PYO oriental dragon
            Any Oriental Dragon/Oriental Sun Dragon
            PYO pegasus
            F’lion in new color
            F’lioness & cubs
            Large winged wolf
            Winged wolf family
            Winged Wolf in a different poses
            Garden wolf
            PYO Phoenix
            Production secret keeper
            Pebble cats
            Unicorns in new color
            Production closed eyed flap cats
            Opposing flap cats
            production Flap cats in new colors
            more leaf cat sconces OR leaf cats
            Do the Lynx again *squeakie*

            more hoofers, cats and wolves and some foxes πŸ˜†

            Maybe some more metallic color schemes on the dragons?
            I think I’ll be editing too

            ooo a Foo dog That would look cool with the Orientals. But I’d like everything else first

            Ooo Winged mice:squeak: :squeak:

            The Grand Pegasus in white and black color scheme to go with the originals πŸ˜‰ :squeak: :squeak:


            Three words……PRODUCTION SECRET KEEPERS!!!!!!! That is all I want to squek about!!!! In case you forgot….PRODUCTION SECRET KEEPERS!!!!!! πŸ˜€


              Here’s my squeak list :squeak: :

              Pink Coiled Mother Dragons
              More Poads!!!
              Blackfire Kirins
              New color Unicorns
              Peacock Curlies
              Green OWs
              Dove Grey Female Griffins (#2 in gallery pic of test paints)
              Twilight Spectrals
              Brown Coiled Mother Dragons – more please!!
              Silver Coiled Mothers Dragons
              PYO Poads
              Winged Wolf

              Important stuff is in cyan! πŸ™‚


                More of the production SK in peacock… for a long, long time!
                The pebble cats
                The PYO phoenix (but that’s coming)
                To have all PYOs available in all eye colors (in particular, the wolf and the unicorn with orange eyes – my set’s not done πŸ˜€ )

                A lot of what I’d like was already squeaked for…

                May I suggest that we edit our lists to add, but also to take off our squeaks once the item has been made (if and when they are)?

                Read my books! Volume 1 and 2 of A Dragon Medley are available now.
                I host the feedback lists, which are maintained by drag0nfeathers.


                The pressure…the pressure…oh, wait, I can edit later….

                OW painted by Nam
                Autumn leaf OW
                Autumn leaf SK
                Ocean Blue OWs
                Rainforest OWs
                Autumn leaf anything
                Rainforess anything
                Garden dragon
                Blackfire kirin
                Koi patterened orientals
                Vampire bat
                Mother meerkat
                Brown coiled fathers
                Pebble cats (forgot them)


                  Hee hee hee…. I’ll be simple.


                  Windstone collector in remission. πŸ˜‰


                  PYO Oriental
                  Grand pegasus
                  Blackfire Kirins
                  Production SK

                  That’s it for now, will think of more later.



                    PYO phoenix
                    PYO FlapCat
                    PYO Pegasus
                    Silver Scratcher
                    Silver OW
                    Ruby curlie
                    Ruby Coiled Mother dragon
                    Silver Coiled Mother dragon
                    peacock curlie
                    buckskin pegasus’s
                    Black Violet Peacock Scratching Dragon!!!

                    I’ll add more later… πŸ˜€
                    Any or all PYO’s back in stock! πŸ˜‰ Please!


                      EMPRESS EMPRESS EMPRESS!!!
                      AND THE MONEY TO PAY FOR HER!!
                      I know it sounds redundent but I can’t think of anything else that I REALLY want right now


                        Thanks for the thread, Nam!

                        Autumn Leaf anything
                        Ocean Blue Spectrals
                        Rainforest Spectrals
                        Twilight Spectrals
                        PYO Oriental
                        PYO Phoenix
                        Winged bookends
                        Garden dragon
                        More rainbow curlies
                        More spotted griffin chicks

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