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      k , heres mine :

      Silver Fledge with lavender eyes
      Pink,Blue and Lavender Pearl Fledglings, Coiled mom, and Laps
      Garden Dragon
      Production Secret Keeeper in pinks ,lavenders or sky blue
      Anything dragon in the glacier pearl color
      and the flame color
      Any color in a coiled mother (shes my fave!)

      A LP rainbow frog prince for my daughter


      [begin wish list]


      1) Grand Pegasus (white and black color scheme)
      2) Unicorns (inc Gothic & Grand) in a new color
      3) Blackfire Kirins (or another color not to hard to produce)
      4) Silver OW
      5) Black Gold OW
      6) Black Violet Peacock OW (Yeah I know) 8)
      7) Another release of White OW’s
      8 ) Another release of Black Mother/Laying baby Pegasi
      9) PYO Pegasus
      10) GRAND PEGASUS πŸ˜›


      [/wish list]


        All the dragons done in Autumn Leaf – (Especially OWs) :squeak: :squeak: :squeak: !!!!! More White spectrals :squeak: :squeak: :squeak: PYO winged cats, PYO hippogriffs, PYO laying down dragons (kinda like the Lap…) :squeak: :squeak: :squeak: :squeak:. I might as well do an entire reply in SQUEAKS, and get another full time job πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

        Been a while and my squeak list has grown πŸ˜€ ….
        :squeak: Autumn Leaf OW
        :squeak: Lavander Blue OW
        :squeak: Violet Flame, any dragon
        :squeak: Lava OW
        :squeak: Purple dragons
        :squeak: Large Flap Cats
        :squeak: Flion family
        :squeak: Rainbow Sitting Spectral
        :squeak: Tiger griffins
        :squeak: Garden dragon
        :squeak: Old Green OW

        Well, that’s a start a least πŸ˜‰ .

        Here are some more squeek* s as of Jan 09
        White Flions – perhaps give them icy blue wings, light blue eyes and gems
        BVP or/and BEP Scratching Dragons
        White dragons with antquing – kinda like Olympia’s Cinnamon Pearl color
        Copper Lilac dragons
        Rainbow Sun Dragons
        Blue Dragons

        I thinks that will do for now πŸ˜‰


        Oh, boy! Where do I start, where do I start?? 😯 πŸ˜†

        :squeak: :squeak: :squeak: :squeak: :squeak:
        Black violet Em Pea and Black Em Pea colors on all the big production pieces!
        Production SK in BVEP

        EDITED: Production SK in Twilight
        Any Production Dragon in Twilight. (Accent colors Melody’s choice.)
        PYO Flapcats
        Lying down PYO Flapcats (like the winged wolves)
        Larger PYO sculptures

        Turn the bobcat into a blue-eyed, seal lynx pointed Flapcat, either bat or feather winged.
        More Poads like the Copper Nettuce!

        :squeak: :squeak: :squeak: :squeak: :squeak:


          Flioness and Cubs

          More Pink Lap Dragons
          Pink Fledgling
          Pink Old Warrior
          Amythest Rising Spectral


            Oh boy. πŸ™‚ Since you’ve asked . . . and I may be adding to this later . . . . These are not really in order, since I’d be hop-skip delighted to see any of them, and I know I’m mentioning a few that are already on the “planned” list. πŸ™‚ I’m glad to have a squeak thread; there are so many things I’d like to see, but I know you’re so busy. At least this gives us all a chance to list our hopes in one place for you to check when you feel like it!

            Autumn Leaf OWs
            Old Green OWs!
            Wineberry OWs
            Rainforest OWs
            Silver OWs
            Twilight OWs and Fledgies (Or Shasta Blue. With dichroic eyes on the OWs, please?)
            Copper Gold OWs
            Copper Gold Fledgies

            Black Emerald Peacock OWs
            Wineberry anything
            Test Paint Mother Griffin #2
            Test Paint Mother Griffin #5
            Blue Spot Male Griffin
            Gold Spot Griffins
            Any Griffin like Mother Griffin Test Paint #13, with the orange eyes (drool!)
            Any Griffin like the second Barred Wing Mother Griffin, who was done in chocolate browns and had purple eyes and purple interference on her feathers
            Coiled Mother Dragon in any color you like
            Rainforest Lap Dragons
            Another production color for the ki-rin family (wasn’t there a doe-gray test paint, or am I dreaming? πŸ˜• )
            PYO phoenix
            PYO oriental dragon
            Winged bookends, as PYO or not
            PYO flapcat
            PYO hippogriff would be cool
            Poads of any shade you like, but especially more in the Lace, Tiger, and Nettuce patterns
            Cranberry anythings! πŸ™‚ But especially OWs.


              Rain Forest Secret Keeper
              Any dragon in Rain Forest
              Autumn Leaf OW
              Garden Dragon
              Pebble cats
              Production Secret Keepers
              PYO Flap cats


                Edited 3/3/11


                I’d like to insert a squeak for:

                Single Items
                1. Production (or LP) Rainbow Lap Dragon (EDIT: I know you’ve made them, but I’m leaving it on here till I manage to buy one, so you know there’s still interest!)
                2. Violet Flame Lap Dragons
                3. Twilight Lap Dragons
                4. Another PYO griffin in another position (sitting? scratching?), so my PYO can have a mate!
                6. Black Violet-Peacock Emperors!
                7. Production Secret Keeper (and a chance to get her in retired colors — need that White!)
                8. Moon Oriental, if there’s a chance of getting her in Peacock
                10. New dragon sculpts — especially in the Male-OW size range. I think it would be really neat to have a “Gazing Dragon” along the lines of the Keeper, but with his hands cupped in front of him (so you could put a marble or something in them), looking down into them!

                2. Production White Griffin Family — with the gold interference, and *yellow* eyes, to match the dragons! You could give them puma or lion colored rumps, to make them more griffin-y, if you don’t like a straight-up white?
                3. Production Ocean Blue! With straw, light yellow, or golden/dichroic eyes.
                4. Production Glacier Pearl! Wow, I love that color scheme!
                5. Silver Koi Ki-Rin family! Like the one in Melody’s gallery that I’ve spent so much time trying to convince her is gorgeous. πŸ™‚
                6. Uh… did I mention Ocean Blue?! πŸ™‚
                Other Stuff

                I really like the Lavender Pearl and Blue Pearl colors, too!

                (I think it would be a really neat “club idea” to offer one sculpt in the Easter colors each year to club members! (You know — the fledgling in 2008, the Scratcher in 09, the Lap in 2010… that way people have to stick around to get a complete family, and it’s kind of a reward for the long-term fans who will get a chance to build an entire family.) I really liked the “Crocus” color, too; maybe for when you run out of Lav/Blue Pearl sculpts?)

                Or just offer them as LP, maybe with a priority for orders made by forum members? Something along those lines, however you decided to set it up.

                Interested in buying or trading for: GB Pebble Sitting Red Fox in dark grey, Lap Dragon Test Paints (Water Sprite, Glacial Pearl, Opulence, Pastel Rainbow, and many others - see my Classifieds ad), Blue Morpho OW, GB Pebble Loaf dragons in blue/aqua/teal, and Griffin Test Paints (Black Rainbow or Frosted Jade).


                  Ok, here’s mine:

                  1. Lion Kirin
                  2. Winged wolf family
                  3. Flioness and cubs
                  4. Foo dog
                  5. Production or limited production Secret Keeper – Thank you!!!!! I’m so broke now!
                  6. PYO oriental dragon
                  7. A blue production color for the dragons
                  8. Black Gold Old Warrior – Thank you!!!!! One is on order from my local retailer!
                  9. Pink eyed Albino Griffin mother and chicks
                  10. Stripey-winged female tan griffin – Thank you!!!


                  More cats.
                  More unicorns, pegasus, horse type stuff.
                  More sun orientals.
                  Peacock curlies.
                  Coiled mother in more colors.
                  A phoenix.
                  Something in hot pinks or more in violet flame. Something in purples πŸ™‚
                  Wineberry anything
                  Anything in the blue SK color that was just on e-bay I can’t remember what it was called

                  Affordable SK production pieces (hey I can wish!)

                  More of a Flion family?


                    I’ve just changed my #1 squeak to a Palomino Kirin or a golden kirin. I would love to have one to remember my little girl. Not sure if a Palomino would be different enough from the production color, to warrant painting some, but the male’s little face reminds me of my ponies. Maybe an oppisite color scheme. Gold body, white mane? That would be so sweet!

                    BlackFire Kirin (test paints, LP, or whatever it takes to get me one!

                    Silver Jade Laps and OWs!!! PLEASE!

                    Rainforest Laps
                    blackfire kirin
                    Graphite OW (maybe the new special Ebay 10?)
                    blackfire kirin
                    Lion Kirins! (and family πŸ˜† )
                    blackfire kirin
                    Pink Eyed Albino Griffin Chicks
                    blackfire kirin
                    blackfire kirin
                    Pink Fledge
                    blackfire kirin
                    Silver Fledge
                    blackfire kirin


                    Here’s my small (for now) list.

                    PYO Phoenix
                    PYO Old Warrior Dragon
                    PYO Dragon Bookends


                      Wolfen :squeak:’s for…

                      Not Made Yet

                      1. VIOLET FLAME LAP DRAGONS
                      2. Violet Flame Spectrals
                      3. Tabby Point Flap Cat
                      4. Garden Wolf
                      5. Reindeer Candle holders
                      6. Garden Dragon
                      7. More large gargoyles (like the Wizard and Unicorn and Gaurdian Dragon)
                      8. BROWN SITTING SPECTRALS!!
                      9. Production Kirins (Red Koi like on ebay!!)
                      10. Large and small flap cats in more colors (dark grey with orange eyes?)

                      Things there need to be more of:

                      1. LARGE BIRMAN FLAP CAT
                      2. All curlies
                      3. Winged Lion art prints
                      4. Bird/Bat Winged ‘Ragdoll’ Flap cats
                      5. Sushi Cat art prints
                      6. Old Green Fledgie
                      7. Amethyst Fledgie
                      8. Male Begal Griffins
                      9. Rainforest laps
                      10.LP or Production “old” wolves in a new color. (White with a blueish tint?)
                      11. Eyes shut AND eyes open orange tabby flappers
                      12. Amethyst Orientals
                      13. Amethyst young oriental


                        BVP fledgling,not ebay please, my budget can’t compete.


                          Blackfire Kirin family
                          Gothic Unicorn family (and maybe a new color!)
                          Unicorns in new color
                          Kirins in new color
                          Grand pegasus
                          PYO pegasus
                          Pegasus family in a new color
                          Griffin family in a new color
                          PYO phoenix
                          PYO Oriental Dragons
                          New color orientals (these would be the only dragons I’d collect!)

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