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      Yes, there is a table online. Many, in fact. I did a google search using this string of terms:

      swarovski crystal sizes in mm

      and got a lot of results.

      The reason I only showed the one side with the crystal eye is because I couldn’t fit a 40ss into the other socket. The next size down I have in crystals is 34ss, which is considerably smaller.


      Also, not every color is available in every size. The bigger the crystal, the fewer color choices there are.


      34ss in the PYO dragon, way too small.

      A jonquil pair in the PYO Griffin, just right.

      I tried to put 30ss in the unicorn, didn’t fit, barely. My next size down were 20ss, which was far too small.

      Looking for...

      Sitting young oriental dragon koi gold and white


        So, I know you’re probably tired of poads, but I would like to squeak for some baby poads to match the “production” store ones, like the zeppards, or the peach young one, or even like the podge ones on the kickstarter. Just some baby poads in “natural” colors and maybe not too fancy?

        Keeper of the Fledgings

        Laura Sparling

          May I still squeak? (I should have looked at this earlier. My apologies).

          PYO Pegasus

          Saguine Dragons

          paint/pinto Pegasus


          Thank you for your time

          Grail Pieces:
          Sagraine Male Dragon
          Palomino Male Unicorn


            I’ll second a PYO Pegasus request!

            Also, while I’m here, squeaks for:

            Production Kitsune

            *Formerly meowmix101
            Not currently open for PYO commissions.


              Yep, can’t wait to see big Pegasus come to life.

              I will squeek for more female Hearths.Any colors.They can all come live with me😁

              Every act matters.No matter how small💞
              (Wanted......Brimstone Lap)
              Male Hearth....one day🤞Dream on.


                I was daydreaming last night, this is unlikely to the point of impossible (would require using different media), but wouldn’t Windstone Christmas ornaments be great?


                  If you can do mugs, and clocks, and T-shirts, and other stuff in the Windstone CafePress store, presumably Christmas ornaments wouldn’t be a stretch.  Other sellers offer them.  For example:




                    I was thinking 3D figures, not 2D images on ornaments or plaques (though those would be neat too). Imagine a flight of little dragons and griffins swooping around your tree! And a Poad Angel on top. Not to forget the Heraldic Air Carp, but you could make those with toy model fish currently available. I know I’ve seen koi models.


                      If we only could make them light and surdy enough! Our gypsum material is  not either of those things, unfortunately.

                      I have some plastic kois that I hang around. I think I got them from Archie Mcfee. I just noticed that Safari has a koi figure!

                      whisker hunter west

                        For a hangable ornament idea, how about: little mini-pebbles!  Even just in solid or color-shift paint jobs.  Nesting in some sort of holder – a classic bird-style nest suspended by strings, an acrylic bubble, a wire frame or birdcage…  My favorite is the open-sided glass domes.

                        Unicorn in bubble ornament, courtesy of Google Image search

                        Heck with being seasonal decorations, I adore hanging baubles and can find plenty of places to tuck a Windstone version!

                        Continuing the family tradition of being obsessed with shiny things.


                          That might be cool to have baubles or ornaments with printed Windstone images on them like the buttons from the kickstarter.  I feel like breakable ornaments with small pebbles or even like mini poads would be cute but at the same time risky for those of us with animals who like to knock stuff off trees.  I can’t use any breakable ornaments personally.

                          Looking for rainbow or pink & teal grab bags!


                            Pipslxch, what a BRILLIANT idea; a Poad Angel tree-topper for Christmas !!
                            I can picture her with a halo and wings
                            Be still my 💜 heart ♥️!!


                              The solution is that someone mass produces curio cabinets shaped like Xmas tress.

                              Looking for...

                              Sitting young oriental dragon koi gold and white


                                Hi, Melody

                                Is there any chance you’ll paint Baby Podge Poads?

                                I’ve been managing Poad family inventory here at the mini bean nursery and would love to add a couple of Podge babies to my collection .

                                Thanks for considering.  Maybe others here might like them, too.

                                Life is beautiful.


                                  Lol where there’s a will there’s a way! Good Yankee ingenuity.

                                  Will there be more colors released on the Hearth dragon? Either existing schemes or test paint/ unique ones like Sandgrouse was.

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