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      I finally caught up with browsing the hippogriff show-off thread and lo’ and behold I find a few arcanine lovers like myself! (I really wanted to name this thread the ‘arcanine appreciation thread’ but I restrained myself. 😅)

      So, let’s see that pokemon love! Share your figures, your plushies, your cards, your gatchas! Your stories, your PoGo…whatever you like!

      This is my collection of pokemon enamel pins, plus a dangling arcanine I found *after* ocd-organizing my board. T_T

      As you can see, growlithe/arcanine is definitely a fave! That last pic is the offending fellow whom I found *after* I’d finished setting up my board. The OCD is real and he won’t fit. X_X




        Rylorian, is that why he looks tense?? LOL!!
        Great collection!!
        I am off Thursday and will try and get photos of my large plushy Picachu ; got him as a gift about 15 years ago and I adore him!!
        Thanks for posting pics; nice board !!


          Hey, something I can participate in! Pokemon was my main obsession for many years so I have boxes of plush and figures. My main collection has been fire-types and Eeveelutions.

          I don’t collect as much now but if I see something nice I’ll pick it up. My latest acquisition was the Build a Bear Vaporeon plush. They did a really good job with its design.


            OMG!! I remember when Pokemon came out and I had a pikachu tamagotchi! It was so cool to have one even though it was digital LOL! I don’t really collect much anymore but I love to see all the new Pokémon!


              Rylorien, that is an adorable pin collection! But I don’t know how to feel about that Magikarp O.O

              [i]Keeping an eye out for fantasy gryphons and test paint dragons.[/i]


                First, my Pokemon Go code if anyone wants to add me.

                0200 0915 1411

                I play daily and now that they have implemented the whole “buddy brings you gifts” thing I am good about exchanging gifts on a regular basis. That said I’m not a super hardcore player – been going since 2016 and still am only Level 38 haha (almost to 39!). I enjoy it, though, and I mostly just am happy to collect pokemon (hmm wonder why? LOL It’s not like I collect anything else).

                I’ve played Sword/Shield recently, and several previous games in the series (Let’s Go Pikachu, Sun/Moon, X/Y, Platinum, and Red way back in the day when it first came out!)

                I also have an assortment of plush and other things, which are scattered around my house haha. (Old pic, I definitely have more now):
                One of my favorite purchases, though, has been the Pikachu jack-o-lanterns from the Pokemon Center last fall – they are so fun!

                Love that Espeon pin in the middle bottom of the photo, especially, Rylorien!


                  Added you, dashesendots 🙂
                  Love the pumpkins!

                  [i]Keeping an eye out for fantasy gryphons and test paint dragons.[/i]


                    Eh heh heh. Time to play the “Sexy and I Know It” song, right? I couldn’t resist the buffmon pins. They cracked me up sooooo much.

                    Thank you! That one was from a kickstarter. The creator did all the eeveelutions as constellations, as well as a few other doggos (okami, wolf link, etc). That’s a super cute plushie collection–love that cosmog!–and the pikalanterns are just adorable.


                      That pin creator wouldn’t happen to be Venetia Jackson, aka: ChocolateRaisinFury? I just backed her latest kickstarter and it looks similar.



                        Here’s my little collection, some of them anyway… the cute ones.


                          I’m old enough to have missed Pokemon, but I have a handful as really nifty little figures. I’ve seen a few more I’d like.

                          P.S. the ‘buffmon’ are scary lol.


                            Yes! That’s her! I backed that one too for the sun & moon. ^_^

                            Aaaaah! Melody! The vulpixes are so cute! Love them!

                            Psssh. Scary? Or AMAZING? Lolololol. And you haven’t even seen the ditto! This is the maker’s pic of the full set:



                              OMG Rylorien!! Those pins are to die for!! I was ROFL when I saw them!!! It definitely makes me think something different about Pokémon LOL!!


                                Right Sherry?!? They’re the only pins that have made me physically burst out laughing. I couldn’t not get a few. ^_^


                                  Ah, I’m not big into pokemon, but it’s always been a distant like of mine. I recently sold all my pokemon games (Red up until Black/White 2), excluding my Japanese Diamond and Moon (and Emerald, his box is here but he’s mia lol).
                                  My favorite from the original games was Hitmonchan/Ebiwalar. Yes, I got made fun of a lot for that as a child.

                                  Wracking my brain, I do believe this is my only pokemon merchandise. I do have the original Pikachu and Hitokage/Charmander backpacks though… I was actually looking at them yesterday wondering if I could sell them.

                                  It comes as no surprise to anyone here that my one pokemon item would be a Furret/Ootachi.

                                  The buff pokemon are fantastic. There is a figure I’d love to get my hands on, just for the laughs of it.

                                  I’ve been making art dolls recently, and I’ve thought about making a couple pokemon. Not sure if I ever will though.

                                  I do have a lot of art I’ve done of pokemon though. They’re quick and easy to paint.

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