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      Thought I’d go ahead and start this thread 🙂
      What are you all excited about? Personally, I can’t wait to see all the different markings Miss Melody managed to fit on these guys. They look so beautiful and detailed. Miss Melody, you never fail to exceed all expectations!

      [i]Keeping an eye out for fantasy gryphons and test paint dragons.[/i]


        Thank you for starting it, Stormbreeze!

        I am really excited to see the class pics. The safari group sample already looks delightful, and I cannot wait to see the full menagerie of patterns. And then, of course, seeing all the pictures as they start to arrive at their new homes!


          Yes, I’m super excited to see the class pics! I bought one of each (will likely try to trade the natural). I also have a Safari coming in blind trade for an older lovely GB Gothic. I’m so excited! I’m definitely hoping for a Snow Leopard, a Silver Girrafe, and???

          Seeking Test Paints & GBs ! Please get in touch if you'd trade/sell. I'll remove pieces from list by owner request
          ANY Red Eyed Unis
          ANY Test Paint Bat
          The Purple/Yellow Baby Uni of Awesome
          Male- Snow Leopard TP
          White Lighting Male, Pony, Colt and Grand - I have Mom, Baby, & Young
          Ponycorns: Golden Zebra and/or Spotted Skunk
          Mother: Okapi
          Gothic - Mahogany
          PEGS: Male Midnight Calico, Male Bloodstone, Mother Starlight Rain
          DRAGONS: Male Coyote


            Wow that came like a storm!

            My mom got a giraffe, I got a safari and my boyfriend got a safari.

            Can’t wait to see the class photos. I’m more of a big cat pattern person and he is more into the safari non-big cat patterns.

            Maybe we will get one of each. So excited!

            The man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed.


              I really shouldn’t have, but these guys are so cute and I haven’t participated in a grab bag in so long… So I did. Yay, grab bags! I got a horse one.


                I got one of each, but I’m probably gonna be looking to trade my natural for another giraffe or safari depending on my other two. Hoping for a clouded or snow leopard but I’m just super excited for a new sculpt.

                Got a busted Windstone?
                *OPEN for repairs*

                *SEEKING GRAILS*
                Arc-en-ciel Emperor
                Siphlophis Male Dragon
                Calypso Hatching Empress
                Ivory Moss Sitting Baby Kirin
                Tattoo Mother Kirin
                Emerald Tabby Male Griffin
                Tie Dye + Orion Hatching Royalty
                Indigo Rockfish + Flame Tabby Little Rock Dragons
                Dragon Quail + Obsidian Frost Old Warriors
                Betta Sun Dragon + Male Dragon
                Dreamscape, Orion, Poison Dart, Fireberry, Spangler + Tigerberry Dragons


                  I got a horse pattern colt.


                    Has anyone seen the class photos? I’m not entirely sure where they get posted.

                    The man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed.


                      Managed to get a safari, but that pesky giraffe kept jumping out of my cart – alas. Can’t wait for these to start arriving on the show off thread – it really is half the fun seeing what everyone gets.


                        I painted about twice as many safari ones as the other kinds.


                          I painted about twice as many safari ones as the other kinds.


                            Melody, just from the little headers on the grab bags it looks like you NAILED the eyes on these guys.

                            The moment my ma saw the giraffes with their eyes she was smitten. They are all perfect little cuties.

                            The man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed.


                              I had just turned on the car to drive to see my mom in the hospital when I saw these were in the store so I shut the car off and threw them in my cart. I didn’t even really see them til after I checked out and realized I got a natural as well as the safari and giraffe. I wasn’t planning to get a natural so I will probably trade or sell it if anyone missed that one. When I got to the hospital my mom decided she wanted a couple of them too so I helped her get them on her phone there. We are excited to see what we get. My mom is getting better and will hopefully be coming home soon too in time to see these!

                              Looking for rainbow or pink & teal grab bags!


                                Wow, you’re away from your phone for a few hours….if anyone gets a giraffe they dont love, hit me up. It was the only one I wanted, and of course they sold out.

                                Wanted: "Dragon Fruit" Male Dragon ~ "Fire Berry", "Paradise", "Dragon Fruit", "Tie Dye" ~ The brighter, the better!


                                  OK – I Think I thought of a way to move funds around to get one, but all that’s left are Safaris. If I’m successful (crosses fingers) I’ll get one of the Safari colts and hope to get one of the few I liked.

                                  If I’m not crazy about the Safari I get, maybe it will be one that someone might trade their unwanted Natural Horse Colt for. Wish me luck!

                                  IN SEARCH OF MY NEXT GRAILS:
                                  Zeppard Adult Poads
                                  Kickstarter 'Rainbow Tiger' Bantam Dragon

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