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The Veligent

This is a comic by me, Melody Peña.

“The Veligent” is a story out of the middle of “Reptangle”, the graphic novel I have been working on since I was fifteen. “The Veligent” is the part that has several characters which are also Windstone sculptures, such as Flions, winged meerkats and Poads™, and it makes a pretty good introduction to their personalities and world that they live in.

Use the thumbnails below to get to any page. Under each page there are links to the previous and next pages.

“The Veligent” story-part is complete now, but the story will continue with more chapters of “Reptangle”.

If you’d like to have emails of my progress getting this thing to print with my kickstarter campaign,

send me an email with the word “kickstarter” in the subject  line, and I’ll  happily pester you with updates.