The Veligent – page 09

I am in the process of replacing the black and white pages of ” The Veligent” with the colored ones.
I am seeing some of the previously fixed typos and misspellings reappearing on these pages! I am trying to catch them. I must of digitally colored a few older versions of the black and white pages.


  1. Sasha

    Funny . Oh thanks for the laugh . I love the humor .

  2. siberakh1

    Is the Professor a lion kirin, or may I venture to guess…Ayonah?

    I spy an adorable little lion kirin plushie in the foreground! *SQUEEEEE* XD

  3. Melody

    Unfortunately, the actual lion kirin doesn’t show up in this book, except for things like the plushie, and if you noticed, over the front entrance of the center hospital.

  4. sbianchi

    Is it a Flion on the front of the Hospital?

    Are you going to publish your Novel so we can buy a copy?

    I bought a print and I hope it isn’t a fake, It is called Maiden on Pegasus from 1982 still in plastic wrap, I sent an you an email it might of went into your junk mail, it reminds me a little of this novel.

  5. Melody

    It’s a lion kirin.
    Yes I’ll publish this book when it is complete.
    Yes, that is one of my prints!

  6. sbianchi

    Now I see the horn on him (my eyes are not like they use to be).

    Thank you Melody!

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