The Veligent – page 10

I am replacing the black and white pages of “the Veligent ” with the color versions.
Old typos may reappear!

7 thoughts on “The Veligent – page 10

  1. Oh man funny ! I love this story . Just great . I look forward to more of it .

  2. This page won’t show up properly in the table of contents. I will try to re-number the pages with a 0 in front of the single digit numbers, if we can’t sort it out some other way.

  3. If you end up renumbering, I’d suggest going ahead and adding two zeros, to save yourself the headache when you hit page 100. 😉

  4. Oh , right , good idea!

  5. This great melody! I love it so far. 🙂

  6. Posting it a page at a time like this makes me really look over the pages and see all the details you put in. Wonderful!

  7. Loving it completely!! I look forward to each new page! I really live the illustration. Fantastic………****smacks head**** still can’t believe I am actually looking forward to a “Graphic Novel”…..who knew that would ever happen. The only other ones that I have read all of are the Lobo Graphic Novels “Comics”!

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