The Veligent – page 11

I’m replacing black and white pages with the color versions.


  1. Sasha

    Oh my whats next ? Dragons maybe . Those winged mercats are adorable .

  2. Jinya

    A few questions, the patient’s right eye is covered right? Then in the bottome picture we should be looking at his right side with that right eye covered?
    Also, what kind of bed is the patient laying and covered in? Grass?

  3. Melody

    Yes, his right eye is covered. Oh, I see what you mean, it looks as if his right eye is showing… ok I re-drew it. Thanks!
    He is in a bedfruit. Bedfruits are a warm, squishy, living things that have natural soft folds of fur on the top side and a stalk that fans out over the whole thing to make a canopy. The very best bed you can get. Like sleeping on a giant boneless puppy.
    Bedfruits are’t really fruits, but that’s what everyone calls them.

  4. Jinya

    You’re welcome, it’s my great honor and pleasure to think that I could assist you in anyway! The redraw is perfect, and I just love the bedfruit! Sounds so wonderful and cozy!

  5. Susie

    Do bedfruits have a smell?

  6. Melody

    They smell mildly of puppy feet.

  7. stasher-dragon

    I just noticed the “Get well” boobies.

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