1. Sasha

    Can’t wait to see whats next . Fun story .

  2. Jinya

    I can’t quite make out the characters eyes in the top left corner. Are they open or closed.. grimacing? Are my eyes just bad?
    Love how the winged meerkats just bouce into the air and fly!

  3. Sirithiliel

    Love the unicorn in that panel =) looks very elegant

  4. Melody

    He’s got his eyes squeezed shut. Thank you for noticing this problem! Getting things to “read” at this resolution is a challenge, I’ll redo that part when I learn how to delete and re-upload these pages!

  5. CassandraLeopardess

    I really like how everything seems to be perfectly ordinary in the beginning.
    And as the story goes on you start to see the fantasy side of it appear.
    What looked like birds in the sky are actually flying meerkats! And what looked like an ordinary horse turns out to be a unicorn 😀

  6. Melody

    I re-did the size of the character in the left hand corner, can you understand his expression better now?

  7. crowfeather

    Very cool Melody! I can’t wait to see and read more. 🙂

  8. Jinya

    Yes, I see and understand his expression better now.
    I like how the mane and tail of the unicorn is the same as your grand unicorn sculpture. Love the connections in your art. I want winged meerkats now! 😀

  9. Laughing Collie

    Heehee! I love Snip’s resigned expression… as he’s mounted from the right — the *incorrect* side! 😀

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