1. Sasha

    Those winged mercats are so cute . Good story too .

  2. otterling

    I have to say the meerkats are my favorite part of this so far. The expressions are lovely and they have such a wonderful set of personalities that I think shows through very well even in these early pages. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing more. I didn’t see anything so far that stood out as not reading clearly to the viewer or that would need alteration on it.

  3. starbreeze

    Love it so far! The meerkats are adorable!

  4. Tyrrlin

    Gorgeous so far! I love the meerkats.

  5. Melody

    Next page will be up on Thursday…if I can get it to upload this time…
    Thank you for the comment!

  6. Dreamwind

    OMG. I love those little winged mercats! They are very cute. You should do little statues of them, like you do the winged cats.

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