The Veligent – page 17

The bulls and flions are referring to something in the big overall story arc of Reptangle. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense here, but the point is, there is an underlying plan…and they are a bit worried that its success rests entirely on this particular person…


  1. Scathach

    Love it! I tell this stuff to my students all the time! Do we get to find out what the plan is, in future installments?

  2. Melody

    Not in this story, though in following chapters, this story hints at the underlying issues facing this seemingly idylic world.

  3. Adaneth

    That last frame is SO cute!

  4. Sirithiliel

    It looks great!

    Just one minor thing…I think you spelled celebrate wrong? =);;

  5. Melody

    Did I? Thank you so much for catching that!

  6. Sirithiliel

    You’re welcome ^^

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