The Veligent – page 15.5

Page 15.5, color version.
How many of you have gone through this routine, in a mad rush, to get the kids to school?


  1. Melody

    If you are viewing this comic on a flat screen monitor that is set as light as mine is, you are missing a lot of the shading depth that I did digitally over the real media pen and ink. These pages look totally flat and washed out on mine! Looks much richer on my dark little laptop.

  2. Sasha

    So funny . Reading the new pages when they come up just makes my day .

  3. Susie

    I thought the Flions were going to stick out their tongues and give him a bath…

  4. Melody

    You should see all the “out takes” of scenes of them grooming him that I didn’t use.
    I am learning to edit.

  5. dranxis

    I can relate to this… In high school, all the girls straightened their hair, so my mom would not let me out of the house until she straightened my hair with a flat iron. I hated it. So when I went to college I either never touched my hair, or I opted for the curlers instead.

  6. Scathach

    I LOVE the last frame! Those well-articulated paws coming his hair – fabulous. You convey so well the care that the flions have for the vigilent and his anxious rush to get where he’s going. Thanks for another great installment.

  7. skigod377

    LOL it is soooo much fun to see your sculpts come to life, Miss Melody! This made me smile this morning and I needed it. Thanks!

  8. ghostndragon

    I thought the Flions were going to bathe him, too. I didn’t realize that Flions were so fussy.

  9. Jinya

    I agree Melody, We Should see the “out takes”! Show us Melody! PLS!

  10. Melody

    I just looked. Can’t find them at the moment, they could be in any one of a dozen sketchbooks… if I do find them I’ll post them.

  11. BipolarBear

    He looks so much like Griffin in this panel.

  12. SunBlind

    What, no, last page already? Aah, I could read hours of this 🙂 Just stumbled across it and I absolutely love it. Especially this page. The whole combing of his hair had me laughing out loud.

    I’ve been collecting Windstone since…oh ’89 when I was still in elementary school. It’s wonderful to see them all coming to life.

  13. RobinBradbery

    Wonderful! You have done a terrific job.

    One question though… what in the world is a Sloat Wallow? lol 🙂

  14. Melody

    Its pretty disgusting, like a hog wallow. There will be a pic of a sloat later on, they are kinda cute.

  15. twindragonsmum

    *Kade getting his hair comed…* My sisters and I used to call that morning ritual “getting our hair ‘ouched’ for school 🙂


  16. Ela_Hara

    I thinks it’s actually Funnier in Color! Great coloration of The Veligent’s pages so far, Ms. Melody. 🙂
    Will you be printing the entire Graphic Novel once you are finished? I’ve Love to get one! :love:

  17. Melody

    Yes. I intend to get it printed by one of the pod companies ( print on demand). I am looking into “Lulu” and “Createspace”… both are pricey, but from the reviews, the quality is good.
    Thank you! I tried to only add color that would enhance the story rather than be distracting…I wasn’t always entirely successful. I am still fiddling with a couple pages that look yucky.

  18. Laughing Collie

    This is the second time someone named Griffin has been mentioned in the comments, & now I’m curious! Is he part of the Pena family, or something similar?

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