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    I thought I was done with this.

    I have been singing LET IT GO LET GO THE PAST IS IN THE PAST but Kim just wont let it go! She keeps posting and bringing my name up! I just got married! I want to be done with this garbage on the forum!! I want this all to go, but she wont let it go! I’m on the verge of just saying CHUCK IT I’m done, not coming back here for a while, if ever. BUT I have to post this last thing . . . . .

    It is already clear who the post is about and Lysithian is the one who brought the drama here so why are people taking sides here when this should not have even been mentioned here? Over one comment on a different website? Whoever has something against me and thinks I am self righteous, how would you like to be taken advantage of or scammed by the same people? Yes I tied the two together because they had dealings together when I was involved. John is aware of the facebook post because I told him about the facebook post and he is also aware of how I had been scammed by the facebook person. Lysithian has attacked me on here before and I am sick of the drama myself but if someone posts something in regards to me whether my name was mentioned or not I am going to tell the whole story so people understand what happened. She has ignored my pms and has not tried to pm me so how is she allowed to be posting things on here like that after it was already stated not to do that? I have been through enough in the last few years that I do not need to deal with drama, bullying and getting scammed again. A simple message to me to clear things up would have sufficed rather than this all being posted here. I am done with it all.

    The thing here though is that there is no feedback to be left because no trade or transaction ended up happening. So in a sense with the thread on facebook I guess that is where a lot of people were reminded of past hurtful dealings with people and it ended up coming off as rants in place of feedback. Other people’s names were brought up on that thread only because people felt they had been put through or unfairly dealt with by more than just the one person it was posted about. In that case, with over 200 comments there about things that were not repeated here, it makes me wonder why someone would feel the need to make a thread about one comment out of 200 here. What I would like to know is what happened to resolve the problem with the person the facebook thread was about to begin with? Because the person the thread was about is still actively using this site after being reported several times for trying to scam people or not sending their parts of trades.

    “I am self righteous” that is what you said above. And yes you are.

    “Lysithian has attacked me on here before” Show me where I attacked you. You blatantly attacked me and I stood up for myself on that writing thread. Then you emailed me, rehashing everything that had already gone down on that thread. I did NOT answer that email. What else was there to say? It was all said on the writing thread.

    “She has ignored my pms and has not tried to pm me” NO and I will not answer that PM about the writing thread. See paragraph above. As for the second PM, I had just gotten married. You Kim were the last thing on my mind that day and night. And yes I did answer your two PMs. Why don’t you go read it!

    ” I have been through enough in the last few years that I do not need to deal with drama, bullying and getting scammed again” Quit saying I scammed you. I DID NOT. And you full well know that. As for what you been through the last few years, I’m sorry. But my life has had enough drama too. Everyone’s had. One of my daughters was raped by three guys one year, the next she was raped again. My other daugther’s pony had to be put down because of a twisted gut. By the time the vet gave her the anesthetic , blood started pouring from her nose. We had that pony for over 12 years. I was in a terrible relationship and treated like dirt and lost fistfuls of hair in one month that was enough to bury a young poad (yeah I made it a nest out of my hair, it was THAT much). My tcup poodle is on her last legs. Oldest daughters boxer has terrible hip issues. My parents are getting forgetful and weirder than ever. My nephew continuously pees on the floor and the seat when he used the bathroom. Okay that is just gross when I have to pee and the seat and floor are full of pee. But seriously Kim, we all have drama in our lives. I just don’t post mine.

    “A simple message to me to clear things up would have sufficed rather than this all being posted here” NO it would not have stopped anything. I have always answered your PMs. Until that writing thread fiasco where you only rehashed what had already been written there. Oh wait, you did add that I made you look bad. Sorry, you did that yourself.

    “no trade or transaction ended up happening” Nope, nothing happened. You kept offering me pieces you did not even own, nor had access to. When I would agree to something, you would tell me that piece is not available. I ended up trading it for something way more than you ever offered. Get over it. It was never promised to you.

    “it ended up coming off as rants in place of feedback.” Exactly!


    The only reason there have been a few threads recently about problems with people is because of a lack of communication on the part of the people the threads are about or posted by. The ones about trading issues, not receiving trades and the one about the chargebacks that a few people got were posted because the people they were about stopped all communication and wouldn’t send or reply to pms and several people were affected. I lost $100 with the chargeback issue which still hasn’t been resolved when that person promised to write us back and refund us our money and hasn’t been on here since. The most recent thread that was posted where she said she wanted pms has not sent nor replied to any pms either so this is what aggravates already sensitive situations when these people stop communicating privately and then post public threads telling people to pm them to which they never respond. In some cases I think it might in fact be good to leave up threads warning people about problems they could have with others. But I also think some that have been posted have been completely unnecessary and that the people saying they want pms should pm people instead of posting new threads to deliberately perpetuate drama and upset people. I am upset myself that I had the unfortunate luck of having dealt with 3 people that weren’t honest about trades and sales. Now on the other hand I have dealt with maybe 20 people that were all honest about trades and sales and many have become great friends so it is unfortunate that the bad experiences have just recently overshadowed the good ones. I do appreciate the great conversations I have had on here with others and how some people have been so helpful and sweet. It would be nice to get back to that again and put everything else behind us if these issues could all be resolved with communication instead of perpetrated by a lack of it.

    Hay Kim,

    On that original thread, I posted that I was getting married THAT DAY. But you ignored that post and went on a second rampage against me. This MUST stop. NOW. I was done with it. I got married! (I love you Trucker!). I had no intention to add any more to that thread. Yet you will NOT let go.

    I have answered your PM after I got back from my short honeymoon. There was ONLY one other PM from you that I did NOT answer, and that regarded the writing thread where you had attacked me again. Oh great, I had no intention of mentioning that either, sorry. But you wont let it go!

    You, Kim, are the only person here that has me characterized with scammers and bad experiences and dishonesty. I owed you NOTHING.

    Please cease and desist about this.


    Wow, lysithian–thanks for sharing your story, that’s amazing! I hope you have many happy years together! 🙂

    Thank you Adaneth! A part of me still can’t believe we pulled it off in less than 7 hours! On a Sunday! On Valentine’s Day!

    Oh, oh, oh, he hadn’t officially proposed to me before that day either! So once he found the Chapel he officially proposed! We knew we were going to be married, but were waiting for my engagement ring to be finished.

    Just so happy!



    Happy LATE Valentine’s Day!

    Trucker and I got married yesterday! Spur of the moment! We meet halfway between our houses on Sundays, and then go to Church there. On the drive there I called him and asked him how spontaneous he feels today. He told me he is feeling tired. I then said let’s get married today! That woke him up! We get to meeting place, he finds a place that will legally marry us, although it cost an arm and a leg, we text everyone on the way to his place to get some stuff, tell his sister in person, who is shocked but she says she and her husband are coming too! His son calls and says, Dad I just talked to you last night why didn’t you tell me?!? We told him, we didn’t know til an hour ago! We come to where I live, I get my dress, he gets his shirt. Yes I wore the purple and black cowboy boots to go with my purple color change dress! My middle kid texted me and told me take the unicorn bouquet she got me for Christmas.

    It fit us perfectly! The guy who did the wedding kept cracking up, saying..UNICORNS! Trucker held the bouquet for most of the ceremony and pix. I gave the wedding guy one of the unicorns. He said he will keep it in the chapel!

    We went to PF Changes for dinner! It was an amazing day! The BEST and MOST memorable Valentine’s Day of my life!

    I actually got married on Valentine’s Day! I’m all giddy for my old age! Just giggling every time I think of it. Totally spur of the moment, nothing planned, my engagement ring is still being paid off (it’s a custom design, almost done!), but we had the dress and shirt and wedding bands! No place to live yet, but since we are refinancing a home that belongs to me into our names, we figured it’s best to get my name changed before the loan is done. So for now we each stay where we are (living situations do not allow us to move in with each other), and get the weekends together!

    I am married to my soulmate. He is my blessing. My angle. My best friend. And now, my husband. I love you Trucker!!


    “I have told you all I was allowed” the dragon quietly replies as the pounding start growing louder again. “Think. Remember”. he adds a little louder over the sound of the crashing waves.

    Hairline cracks start to form on the mirror. The story is repeating itself once again. And the last time that happened, the dragon disappeared.

    I start to remember . . .

    Answers become questions?
    Questions are the answers?
    Request what I need?
    I am a traveler?
    I have a destination?
    I have to stop the wheel?
    The dragon is always on my side?!

    The mirror is about to shatter, and the dragon will fade away again, unless. . . you rush over to him.

    “If I am a traveler, I am not supposed to be in this room. Take me to where I am supposed to be”. You take out the original key, the one your cat had left on your bed and show it to the dragon, who maybe might be your cat, you still haven’t quite figured that out yet, but you can figure that out later. Time is slipping away! You wave the key in front of the dragon as you hear pieces of the mirror fall and shatter. “This is the key to where I should be”, and you giggle a little when you realize you had just rhymed. Why do you always seem to laugh when things look bleak?!


    August please. The month I remet my guy, Trucker


    Before I knew what the prize would be
    I sent my entry in with glee
    And now that I see what the choices would be
    I kinda want to turn and flee

    Only one raffle can I win
    I usually enter for a kirin
    Or a uni or peg or somthin’
    That wants to live with Lysithian

    So LupusLunae I’m writing to you
    I know how much you wanted that blue
    So if I win, this is what I’ll do
    I’ll have that dragon sent to you

    I ask for nothing in return
    Not a pretty nor money to burn
    I just want another turn
    At a raffle for a unicorn!


    Dragons are just not my thing
    I look at them and hear no sing-

    Now a Pegasus or unicorn
    Would make me smile from eve til morn-

    Kirin, fox, a wolf, or poad
    Over those I’d be dote-

    But dragons are not this girls best friend
    And now this latest poem is end-


    Stop the wheel.

    What is that supposed to mean? The air around you starts shifting, the mirror shatters and you see fractions of what you had gone through in the broken shards of glass.

    Stop the wheel.

    No, seriously, what and how am I supposed to stop some wheel. The pounding wont ease up. The crashing waves get louder.

    Stop the wheel.

    Is this a physical wheel? You don’t remember any form of wheel anywhere. You didn’t walk by any wagon. There wasn’t any mill around. A car? You turn to ask the dragon, but before you can say anything, he shakes his head sadly. “Too late” he says regretfully as he starts to dim and fade away, his sad eyes are the last things you see as the floor starts crumbling under your feet.

    “How am I supposed to stop this?!” you cry as you scurry closer to the wall. A gaping hole has formed where you had been standing, growing larger with each moment.


    D is for Dungeon, Dark and Dank

    -and where all dragons should go be sank

    R is for Rancid, Raging, and Reek

    -(is my sweet poem sounding a bit bleak?)

    A is for Awesome, ooops I meant . . ACK

    -(who is this typing behind my back?)

    G is for Good, NO I meant GRRRRrr

    -(why am I suddenly starting to purr?)

    O is for Ornery, Order and Old

    -a beautiful dragon so proud and so bold

    N is for NEVER NO NOT for me

    -Hush Hush silly human, a dragon you’ll be!


    I refuse to get on that wagon
    Of asking for another dragon

    We hadn’t meant to be braggin’
    Everyone knows the best prize is a dragon!

    Not that I want to be a naggin’
    But unicorns would beat a dragon!

    A dragon is best, the most wanted: a dragon
    Behind him, all other prizes are laggin’!

    In times of blizzard, who wants a lizard?
    Winged or not, I can’t bear the thought!
    If a reward be had, I’d rather a wizard!
    A divine feline juggernaut!

    Wizards and lizards?
    I’m sitting out!
    Off to the corner
    Is where I’ll go pout!


    I refuse to get on that wagon
    Of asking for another dragon

    We hadn’t meant to be braggin’
    Everyone knows the best prize is a dragon!

    Not that I want to be a naggin’
    But unicorns would beat a dragon!

    A dragon is best, the most wanted: a dragon
    Behind him, all other prizes are laggin’!

    Now you’ve got me gaggin’
    With all this talk of dragon
    A uni, a fox, a wolf or a peg
    Puppies and ponies, now that’s what I beg!


    I refuse to get on that wagon
    Of asking for another dragon

    Oh my, how excellent, I think we should round-robin it? How many words that actually rhyme or practically rhyme with dragon could be out there?

    We hadn’t meant to be braggin’
    Everyone knows the best prize is a dragon!

    Not that I want to be a naggin’
    But unicorns would beat a dragon!


    I refuse to get on that wagon
    Of asking for another dragon


    I like the colourized pages. It’s like reading a whole new story.

    EXACTLY! I just reread the whole thing a day or so ago and was like WOW! So much to see!!! How did I miss that?! New story!! YES!!!

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