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    I did this on facebook first and people seemed to enjoy it, so I thought I would give it a shot here. So let’s write a story!

    So here’how this works: So I’m gonna start a story with a sentence or two (or three). And I want you to reply continuing the story from wherever the last reply left off. Who wants to play?

    If this goes well, maybe We can start a new one every two months. I might sketch story line pictures as this goes along… And I’ll probably gather it into a facebook article, maybe we could do a forum short story book? This is the same prompt I used on facebook, so lets see how it evolves here…

    “It was a cold, blusterous day but the sun was shining off the bright reflective ripples of the lake. You looked around in a daze wondering how you got here in the first place. As hard as you try, you can’t seem to remember where you came from or how you got there. As you walk down the shoreline you spot a shiny object in the sand and reach down to pick it up…..”

    Your turn! What happens next?

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    “An old style key!”, you murmur to yourself. “But what’s it doing out here all the way in the middle of nowhere?” You turn it over in your hands and the light shimmers oddly off of it. “I wonder who dropped it….”



    Your mind starts to wonder as the shimmering light plays off the key, mesmerizing you with highlights of dancing purple, green and golden yellow sparkles.

    You furrow your brow and concentrate as you look closer at the key. Some words start to appear, as if melting into view.

    “Find the place I unlock” you read. “What place?” you question, as if the key could answer you, “And where? There doesn’t seem to be ANYTHING around here…” you huff as you look up and down the shoreline.

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    Suddenly a voice is yowling in your ear. Your cat has jumped onto the bed and is telling you to GET UP AND FEED THE CAT. Muttering “It’s Saturday … go away and let me sleep”, you burrow back under the covers but you can’t get comfortable. There’s a hard lump under your hip.

    Cursing softly (so the cat can’t hear you) you reach down and push the whatever-it-is onto the floor. It lands with an unexpected clatter. “Now what??” As you look down and see the key lying by your bed a cold chill runs down your spine. You realize that you won’t get any more sleep this morning.



    You slowly lean over the left side of your bed, and peering down with one eye closed, you gaze upon the key from your dream! How can this be, you ask yourself!? You look around and the room seems normal… You Jump out of bed taking the key with you, and pinch yourself as you run down the stairs! The rest of the house seems normal… A voice that didn’t come from any particular direction whispers, “open the door”. You reach for the front door, when a bright light blinds you. Slowly, your vision adjusts, and you cannot believe your eyes…

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    Just ahead, across an emerald green mossy carpet, you see that there are three huge trees. One to your right, one to your left, and one straight ahead. The bark and leaves are like nothing you’ve ever seen. As you approach in the warm, inviting, light you see that each tree actually has it’s own door. Stepping forward, you feel the soft mossy ground under your bare toes like a velvet carpet. Curious, you approach the trees and inspect each one. The key warms in your hand as you reach one of the trees. It’s as if the key has come alive in your hand. One of the locks on one of the doors of a tree begins to glow. As if of its own free will, the key guides your hand to the lock on the door of the tree to your right. You unlock it and the door swings gently open. A voice that you’ve now come to know, beckons you to the space within. “Welcome, Traveller. I’ve been waiting for you.” …



    You pause. The voice is familiar, but the situation is not. And despite the abundant wonder of your current surroundings your mother didn’t raise any fools! “Who are you!? One moment I’m dreaming in bed and the next I’m here dressed only in my pajamas! I’m not taking another step until I get some sort of explanation!”

    You sweat a little nervously as you wait and shuffle your bare feet in the damp moss. “I wish I’d put on some shoes….”



    As if in answer, the light dims and the door begins to close. You exclaim, “Wait! I didn’t mean …” but the slow movement of the door continues. At the last second curiosity trumps common sense and you dash through the opening, letting out a loud shriek as your bare foot slips and you go tumbling down a long, long flight of stairs, finally landing in a shower of sand. Sand in your hair, sand covering your clothes, even sand in your ears. It’s a good thing you had your eyes closed!

    Brushing off sand is suddenly less important as you gaze around. Your heart sinks when you realize that you have been here before … and this time you KNOW that you’re awake! It is still a cold, blusterous day but the sun is no longer shining. Fog drifts over the surface of the water, almost hiding the long necks of three animals watching you from the middle of the lake. The water just off shore churns as unidentified creatures swim toward the beach, and you!

    A familiar voice rings out behind you, “Courage is required … doubts are dangerous … you must have faith.” You spin wildly, trying to find the speaker, and your foot strikes something hidden in the sand …



    [Note not in the story – I hope that somebody has figured out an ending for this thing. I know a way to get off the beach, but I have no idea where the story goes from there!]

    There is a bottle lying by your foot. You almost roll your eyes as you think, “A bottle on a beach, what a cliche, all I need now is a message inside. Of course, a message might tell me what is going on!” Looking closer, you see that there is indeed paper in the bottle, and a small ornate key as well! You pick up the bottle and try to open it but soon decide that your fingers aren’t the right tools for the job. Twisting and prying at the cork stopper only breaks your fingernails. Maybe you can break the bottle instead.

    You start to search for a useful rock and quickly realize that you should not have allowed yourself to be distracted by the bottle. You have a much bigger problem! The wind has died and the fog that covered the lake is rolling over the beach. You can no longer see or hear the water. In fact, you are not sure where the water is. A long, low cry echoes through the fog and another answers it. You really wish you could believe that they are foghorns. Fighting down panic, you look around and see a few spots of light shining dimly through the mist behind you. Everything else is hidden by the fog.

    “Courage and faith” you remind yourself as you walk slowly toward the closest light, praying that you are not headed for the lake. As you get nearer you are delighted to see that the light is coming from a shimmering arch. Beyond the arch is a staircase that goes up as far as you can see. Maybe these are the stairs that brought you here, maybe they’re not, but they give you a way off this god-forsaken beach. Taking a deep breath, and gripping the bottle tightly, you begin to climb. …


    . . . . and climb. And climb. The bottle with the note starts getting heavy in your hand. Each step takes more effort than the last. You look up, and the stair case never seems to end. Looking down you can’t even see the beach anymore. And you realize, you just can’t do it. Slowly you sink down on the step you were standing on, the bottle falling out of your hand and you watch it slowly fall as if in slow motion, down the never ending staircase. Of course it didn’t break on the way down. And now you will never know what that note said. Was there even a note? Does it matter? Where are you anyway? You can’t seem to keep your eyes open anymore. As you drift away, your last thought is of that slowly falling bottle, wondering . . .



    (Note, not in the story but so far this seems to be going in circles and just as something is about to, something stops the story from progressing. I wanted to contribute but before but felt like it was not moving forward so sorry to jump in but I think we need to get the story moving to a point where more people can contribute. We have already determined the character is awake so what happens next besides waking up out of a dream again, which has already happened.)

    Struggling to keep your eyes open, your head spinning, you hear faint music coming from ahead and want to keep going but look back at the falling bottle and decide to run down the stairs after it. It is still rolling as you leap down after it until you hear a sudden crash as it lands back on the beach. You reach the last stair and peer down at the now cracked open bottle that hit a rock at the bottom luckily. Inside the broken pieces, you careful reach down and pick up the note and key and suddenly the music you heard gets louder, beckoning you to come back up the stairs. You quickly look at the note for an answer, a clue, anything and to your surprise find what looks like ancient writing in a language you do not know, almost like hieroglyphics with symbols in what appears to be a few sentences.

    You sigh as you realize this is not going to help you at this moment but you put the note and key in your pocket. You stare back up the stairs and the light that was emanating from the top seems to be getting brighter. You look back at the gloomy beach and hear a terrible cry from a far that literally makes you jump. You don’t know what the cry was but you decide you must move forward as fast as possible. You head is still spinning but with all your might you ascend back up the stairs as quickly as possible until you reach a golden door with music coming from behind it. You reach for the key in your pocket and look at the door but there is no keyhole but instead a pin pad with familiar looking symbols on it. You realize this is just the first step in decoding something to do with note. You pull out the note again…

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    (Note, not in the story but so far this seems to be going in circles and just as something is about to, something stops the story from progressing. I wanted to contribute but before but felt like it was not moving forward so sorry to jump in but I think we need to get the story moving to a point where more people can contribute. We have already determined the character is awake so what happens next besides waking up out of a dream again, which has already happened.)

    (And this is why I was hesitant to contribute. Sorry I did. Please disregard my previous post. I’m sorry I stopped the story from progressing)



    (I wasn’t trying to point out anyone or anything in particular with the story. I just noticed some things and ideas seem to be repeating so I just want to get it moving forward so there isn’t too much backtracking. I want to know what happens next as it sounds like it could be a good adventure. On with the story…)

    Looking for rainbow or pink & teal grab bags!


    You should have just moved the story forward Kim, instead of pointing out that you didnt contribute earlier because it was going nowhere. You inadvertently singled out those who contributed so far….further, for being critical, albeit mildly critical, you did nothing to advance the story anymore than anyone else. Instead of throwing in your 2 cents, you should have just added to the story.

    Personally, I knew the yo-yo factor would give eventually…I was waiting for all you creative writers to warm up.



    ^^ agreed
    I’ll pick up a thread from an earlier post and see what I can weave.

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