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    I’m no poet…
    and I know it,
    but my tongues a waggin…
    for a beautiful dragon


    Gad, you guys…
    now I don’t know what to have for a prize.

    I think that Lupus should have the wish of her heart,
    If you have a blue dragon on the “seconds” cart. 🙂

    Well, yes, that sounds just fine by me. But Melody, you can’t let our heavenly poetic charm spin your head. This is the new normal. We will serenade you EVERY month as was your decree 🙂

    Celestial Rainstorm

    What a wonderful thread this is!
    I simply can’t believe
    I have just a teeny whine
    Before I leave

    To keep my precious pieces safe
    They’ve been packed away
    I so miss looking at them
    Oftentimes they made my day

    So what would be amazing
    Would be to have someone new!
    My greatest wish is a koi kirin
    Or an autumn leaf dragon would be super cool.

    So, Miss Melody, who will you choose?
    I just can’t wait to see
    Which Windstone will get a new home
    Maybe, perhaps, with me!

    Finding happiness again.


    Gad, you guys…
    now I don’t know what to have for a prize.

    Well Miss Mel I have to say…
    Twas your fault,
    you said it the other day.
    Now a prize worth all this talent,
    shouldn’t be to hard,
    make it simple for you,
    for all these bards.

    ok, sucks. But I tried. lmao!!!!


    don’t know what it will be
    but I just sent in my entry….

    Sitting Cat found! SOON!!!!! OMG YEY!


    Well, what do ya know! Can it really be true?
    This month’s raffle prize is scaled, winged, and BLUE!


    Before I knew what the prize would be
    I sent my entry in with glee
    And now that I see what the choices would be
    I kinda want to turn and flee

    Only one raffle can I win
    I usually enter for a kirin
    Or a uni or peg or somthin’
    That wants to live with Lysithian

    So LupusLunae I’m writing to you
    I know how much you wanted that blue
    So if I win, this is what I’ll do
    I’ll have that dragon sent to you

    I ask for nothing in return
    Not a pretty nor money to burn
    I just want another turn
    At a raffle for a unicorn!


    Wow, I usually don’t rhyme.
    But, I wish that Griffin could be mine!


    Writing poems is not quite my thing
    But if I think real hard, it’s easy to wing;

    For all of my bluster I just had to say
    Seeing those prizes made my day!

    The dragon is pretty, there’s no doubt
    with that shimmery blue from tail to snout

    That griffin however is close to my heart…
    When my eyes espied him he gave me a start

    With a color and pattern so perfect to see
    I’d beggar myself, were it up to me.

    Dark stripes on grey feathers with cute white toes…
    Can anyone here comprehend my woes?

    Were I to win him, I think I might die;
    At the very least I’d break down and cry!

    Melody my dear you’ve gone too far
    And crafted a beauty beyond all par

    Maybe for once my luck won’t be bad
    ‘Cuz if I don’t win him I know I’ll be sad!


    And there’s my creative melodrama for the day lol. Back to work before I get in trouble for being online when I shouldn’t…I couldn’t help myself though after seeing that gorgeous griffin. My heart pines! >_<


    Which would you choose
    Should the winner be you?


    Both of these are special
    But I’d like to have the spectral.


    For me, truth be told,
    With tiger stripes of bold,
    Jaeger breaks the mold.


    I’d be torn between the two
    For as much as I love blue
    The stripes get me too

    Love baby kirins, safari poads, mini keepers, and anything BLUE, BLUE, and, oh yes, BLUE.


    Love the tiger stripes on that guy!


    I love spectrals, not griffins, but choosing now
    I think I’d take Jaeger ’cause this guy is WOW!
    That’s if I entered (and I doubt that I will).
    A unicorn raffle is still my big thrill. 🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 69 total)
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