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    Our Merry Thanksbirthdaymas Day went well, with just some minor quibbling in the kitchen between my parents, and my brother being a bit surly at the table. My mother had made a comment about my sister potentially having her baby, so my dad made quite a few jokes throughout the day of how many hours my sister had left. The food was good, our guests were happy, and after the meal we settled down in our post meal comas watching Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation.

    Overall it was a good day.

    You forgot yesterday, sooooo…. Merry Thanksbirthdayvalmas Day



    Happy LATE Valentine’s Day!

    Trucker and I got married yesterday! Spur of the moment! We meet halfway between our houses on Sundays, and then go to Church there. On the drive there I called him and asked him how spontaneous he feels today. He told me he is feeling tired. I then said let’s get married today! That woke him up! We get to meeting place, he finds a place that will legally marry us, although it cost an arm and a leg, we text everyone on the way to his place to get some stuff, tell his sister in person, who is shocked but she says she and her husband are coming too! His son calls and says, Dad I just talked to you last night why didn’t you tell me?!? We told him, we didn’t know til an hour ago! We come to where I live, I get my dress, he gets his shirt. Yes I wore the purple and black cowboy boots to go with my purple color change dress! My middle kid texted me and told me take the unicorn bouquet she got me for Christmas.


    It fit us perfectly! The guy who did the wedding kept cracking up, saying..UNICORNS! Trucker held the bouquet for most of the ceremony and pix. I gave the wedding guy one of the unicorns. He said he will keep it in the chapel!

    We went to PF Changes for dinner! It was an amazing day! The BEST and MOST memorable Valentine’s Day of my life!

    I actually got married on Valentine’s Day! I’m all giddy for my old age! Just giggling every time I think of it. Totally spur of the moment, nothing planned, my engagement ring is still being paid off (it’s a custom design, almost done!), but we had the dress and shirt and wedding bands! No place to live yet, but since we are refinancing a home that belongs to me into our names, we figured it’s best to get my name changed before the loan is done. So for now we each stay where we are (living situations do not allow us to move in with each other), and get the weekends together!

    I am married to my soulmate. He is my blessing. My angle. My best friend. And now, my husband. I love you Trucker!!


    Wow, lysithian–thanks for sharing your story, that’s amazing! I hope you have many happy years together! 🙂


    Wow, lysithian–thanks for sharing your story, that’s amazing! I hope you have many happy years together! 🙂

    Thank you Adaneth! A part of me still can’t believe we pulled it off in less than 7 hours! On a Sunday! On Valentine’s Day!

    Oh, oh, oh, he hadn’t officially proposed to me before that day either! So once he found the Chapel he officially proposed! We knew we were going to be married, but were waiting for my engagement ring to be finished.

    Just so happy!


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