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      I just came to squeak, and BigCatKeeper beat me to it hah. I’d love to see this scheme used on others, Western dragons for me. Many of the scales would have to be modified, but it would still be beautful.
      I would trade a kidney for a hearth dragon in this scheme. ;p

      whisker hunter west

        Squeak squeak squeak!

        Continuing the family tradition of being obsessed with shiny things.


          Iโ€™ll squeak for this too!


            I think that would be GORGEOUS on the Kirins, even if you had to nix the black detail on the scales(not sure if that’d be sustainable to a production color?), the green and burgundy fur would a beautiful combo!

            Of course there’s still the matter of the Kirin horns tho, that’s our first hurdle!

            *Formerly meowmix101
            Not currently open for PYO commissions.


              My main squeak is for copper patina of the dragons. I have many of them, but the larger ones hearth, OW, scratching, emperor, secret keeper (though my pocket can’t handle it haha) and the emperor/empress babes. I think I understood that casting has improved and so there are less “flawed” pieces for the color. I’d love to have a complete family someday. ๐Ÿ™‚

              I agree with the others about that GB ori. That color scheme would look amazing on so many sculpts!


                More GB Koi Young Oris please! I would love a 2nd one.


                  I’d squeak for a batch of GB young orientals to go with the sitting ones!

                  [i]Keeping an eye out for fantasy gryphons and test paint dragons.[/i]


                    It has been a long time since I have squeaked for anything, so here it goes.

                    1: Another batch of Barn Owls! I know so many people want one of these it’s not even funny. You’d make a bundle. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I know I’d personally pay an arm and a leg.

                    2: PYO chicks to go with the hen and rooster. Maybe 2 or 3 different poses? Just little tiny things like the bean poads (or maybe smaller if that would be too large for realistic scale. I haven’t seen one of the adults in person, so I’m not sure if that would be too big or not). I saw that candle holder you made. I know you can do it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

                    3. More Fall Flame and Ocean Dragons (In all sculpts, including the males because I missed these ;-;)

                    3: Red Panda Pebble Fennec Foxes (I think these were discussed as being too difficult a long time ago, but just in case I’m wrong, I’ll ask again. I still long for one of these).



                      I’ll second Tig3r on more koi oris, but how about a GB of them with safari prints? I was looking at the ebay gallery of orientals with safari and they are gorgeous.


                        I would love to see a version of that lovely mahogany/bronze/olive green Wild Ori color on other sculpts. Would be wonderful on Dragons!

                        Always looking for a lovely GB Young Unicorns, TP Male Dragons or TP Male Griffins!


                          Agreed indeed.

                          Every act matters.No matter how small๐Ÿ’ž
                          (Wanted......Brimstone Lap)
                          Male Hearth....one day๐ŸคžDream on.


                            I’ll take koi and safari too!!!


                              Gotta write down my Oriental squeaks before I forget!

                              1. Another GB batch of Sitting Orientals, with the same color categories! (Or make a ‘Dark/Seminatural’ category for the people who loved the mahogany-and-forest-green one? As long as there are “Cool” ones, the other categories are flexible.)

                              2. I would actually really love if there was a batch of GB Sitting Orientals in black/silverkoi or black/silver/blue koi. Those were the only koi ones I liked, so I didn’t want to risk getting one of the warm-colored ones by taking a chance on the koi GB; but if they were their own batch I’d be so tempted!

                              3. …Could we maybe have Young Orientals as a GB in matching colors one day?? I’d be beyond thrilled to have a Young that looked like my GB Sitting Ori, and hopefully the Young would be a little less expensive, or at least not more expensive. ๐Ÿ™‚

                              4. I’m still yearning for Moon Orientals, if you can ever get that pesky seam to cooperate, Melody! <3

                              5. Hatching Oriental sculpt?? With a snakey-type egg??

                              Interested in buying or trading for: GB Pebble Sitting Red Fox in dark grey, Lap Dragon Test Paints (Water Sprite, Glacial Pearl, Opulence, Pastel Rainbow, and many others - see my Classifieds ad), Blue Morpho OW, GB Pebble Loaf dragons in blue/aqua/teal, and Griffin Test Paints (Black Rainbow or Frosted Jade).


                                I just received one of the little bat winged cats (purchased from a lovely forum member) and it made me realize anew how cute these little guys are. Would you ever consider doing a grab bag of either them or the bird winged kitties…..safari, preferably. ๐Ÿ˜‰


                                  More tanzanite, please! Especially the mini keepers. They look amazing!!

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