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    Ms.Melody,I was just looking over my hoofer herd and realized I need a Fantasy Pebble Pony.I have a natural and fantasy in the young,colts,and babies but no fantasy pony. Is it possible to maybe get a big herd done by Christmas? Ever thought about GB Mothers? Plenty room to work with and personally, I would love to have one.They would be incredible

    I haven’t done GBS in anything larger than a Young uni- they are expensive enough! Plus the bigger the piece, the more it costs people to swap and ship them. But I’d love to do larger things.

    I know it’s not the biggest dragon, but I have always hoped for GB Fledgling dragons

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    Wanted: "Dragon Fruit #1" Male Dragon



    still wondering how much longer for the new flion and the PYO short-haired flap cat….need to be able to paint my Jinyxy, I miss her so much….

    The new flion is being cast. No problems with him so far. We could paint some soon.

    We are about to put some production Sir Garlens in the store.

    yey! I’d love that….

    and hopefully PYO short haired cat can get done soon too…..

    Sitting Cat found! SOON! OMG YEY!



    I haven’t done GBS in anything larger than a Young uni- they are expensive enough! Plus the bigger the piece, the more it costs people to swap and ship them. But I’d love to do larger things.

    Not ‘mother unicorn’ size, but on the subject of larger-than-Pebble GB sculpts, I must note that if you ever feel the urge to try your hand at a batch of GB Young Dragons, I’d be tempted! It’s one of the sculpts I really like, though I only have one right now. If there was a fantasy GB with some pretty blue Youngs in the bunch, I’d probably go for it in hopes of getting a companion for my blue test paint OW. He needs a young protege. 🙂

    The Young’s still shorter than the Sitting Ori, I think, so that seems still within the reasonable size limit. (Though I have had the occasional wistful thought about GB Lap Dragons, hahaha!)

    Interested in buying or trading for: GB Pebble Sitting Red Fox in grey, Lap Dragon Test Paints (Pearl Steel Blue, Mystic Umber, Pastel Rainbow, others), & production Lap Dragons with minor to moderate damage!

    Also seeking Breyer SM Swaps bodies in poor to fair condition for customizing.



    I think the baby dragons would be cute in a grab bag, they’re much like the mini keepers in size. I think the hatchlings would be cute for Easter time. With all those eggs can you imagine the possibilities?

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    OMG GB Easter hatching dragons would be super cool!

    Looking for-
    red fire young dragon
    old animal line frog, wolf, barn owl, tortoise, tiger cub



    From Melody’s Facebook page:
    Ponycorns in process. It will be a while before these are out, we are having ponycorn horn problems.



    I can hear the “OMG”s from here lol. That will be a popular GB, hope there are lots!



    Drool-worthy eye candy !!
    Luv their tails !!
    Soooooooo pretty !!



    AAAAaaaaa! I spotted the Polka-Dot Zebra!!!! Did you?!? So Cute!
    I like a LOT of these! Maybe for Christmas?

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    Very cool! Will it just be Safari this time or will there be a Fantasy batch as well?



    The ponycorns are so awesome! When I first saw the video on Facebook I freaked out as I didn’t think they would come out so soon. I love the leopards and snow leopards and the zebra and white tiger and hope there are giraffes too! I want a bigger giraffe and leopard to go with my babies!

    Looking for rainbow or pink & teal grab bags!



    These are SO adorable! What a great grab bag this will be! Just in time for the Holidays! !

    Always looking for Black and White Young Unicorns - especially with Feathers! !
    Would love to find the Summer Leaf Mother Pegasus, Tigerheart Mother Unicorn, Wild Troll Male Unicorn, Autumn Leaf Mother Dragon, Early Autumn Mother Dragon, any Test Paint Grand Unicorn or any GB Fantasy Baby Pegasus!



    Ahhhhhh!!! A dapple Appy!!!!! That one is grail worthy!!!!!



    AAAAaaaaa! I spotted the Polka-Dot Zebra!!!! Did you?!? So Cute!

    I sooo need this one now to match the big one!! AHHHHH!!



    After all the giraffe mania thinking (or at least hoping for the sake of many member’s sanity) that there will be a generous number of giraffes. But I haven’t watched the video yet!

    An okapi would be cute… edit yep there’s an okapi. The polka dot zebra works great, maybe there’ll be more than the one.

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