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    Wow this is really well done! I thought it was a photoshop job at first. Great job on the glowies.

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    He’s gorgeous! And lichens!!!!

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    Not a fursona! GOSH.

    Nam tattled on you Melody. Wolf headed mermaid?! Really? Come on. 😛

    PS Nam is my best friend <#~~~

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    “There’s no way that can be right!!!”

    in reply to: Happy Birthday Vantid (April 23) #760866

    *sneaks in* OH! HI! And thank you! I’m really surprised, I’m such a lurker these days.

    I did have a nice birthday. I just got my present from Melody today! She sent me tiny sushis. <3

    in reply to: The bestiary deck #512400

    *slinks in from the dark recesses of the internet*

    I thought I’d mention that I will be selling these for Anthony until he tells me to stop or he runs out. I get a cut of the sales, which is very very kind of him, and good incentive for me to plug the auctions.

    So another auction is up. I really appreciate you guys who look. Its fun to look, at least. :3 I won’t spam with links anymore. Just keep an eye on my seller’s page if you are interested. If a forum member wins, I will throw in something fun, dunno what, just something that will hopefully make ya smile (Laurie if you see this I mean you too!)


    Hope all you crazy folks are well!

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    HI! Oh gosh. I feel embarassed now. *blush* I was told to come say hi. HI GUYS!

    Um, well…I’m in the Olympic Peninsula kinda scouting around for a place to stay, which is sketchy cause my travel partner keeps getting work in various other areas that we have to go visit.

    The bus was having engine troubles…smoke, overheating, working on only two cylindes, so we sold her on eBay. I’ve seen Windstones sell for more tham she went for. XD We bought a Toyota 4 runner and it’s great. Life has been a grande adventure.

    I’ve been working hard on commissions, including a couple from folks here on the forum. Um, life is skittles, life is beer.

    I haven’t been posting cause I felt like everytime I did, I was advertising for folks to buy things. I don’t have a lot of net access these days, and no money to by Windstones, and uhhh…nothing of interest to add. Um. Here have a photos not taken by me of my hands on a delicious King Boleta

    Heh! I guess that’s that.

    Oh yeah. Scotch and Genius are still adorable. http://gatcat.deviantart.com/art/Get-Used-To-It-67915514

    More photos of nature and the dogs and hey…one of me. http://gatcat.deviantart.com/gallery/

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    Things with wings are too stereotypical for Ursula.

    Melody! You are in OR! Take a photo of the Winged Bookend. No, better yet, produce them! Send them to Nam to paint so they can match the Labrodorite gryphons!

    *flees from Nam*

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    Some winged wings!

    in reply to: Hatching Emerald Empress for saaaaaaaale #589918

    You want him? (The dog Scotch) He’s free! He’ll be great for a BBQ.

    Aw no, we need him, he has to drive.

    He was pawing at a millipede with bright yellow dots on both sides of the segments. It was really cute.

    I don’t own the bus, or Buttonwillow McKittrick as we call her, my partner in crime Gatcat does. But we do share her and our experiences within her. She’s pretty good to us, she has her quirks but hey, she’s a VW bus, and we love her!

    Here she is at a typical California In-n-Out. ;3

    As for the Ruby Sun Dragon, the sale closes tomorrow!

    in reply to: Hatching Emerald Empress for saaaaaaaale #589909

    Next up for sale, is an emerald hatching empress. Is it safe to just say emerald empress? XD if anyone is interested, she is mintalicious with box! I honestly have no idea how much these ladies go for, but I’d lke 120 plus shipping, with a Buy it Now at I BILLION DOLLARS….or 150.

    I’ll get pictures up if people are interested.

    *sigh* Back to Camp. t’s so hard getting up in the morning with birds singing and dappled light filtering through the Douglas Fir and Alder trees.

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    Here they are!

    in reply to: Hatching Emerald Empress for saaaaaaaale #589904

    I will try to get the photos up soon…I edited some for ebay, so as soon as I can grab them from my friend’s computer I will upload them! But this one is one of the last made, so, it is kinda magenta if that’s what you’d like to know.

    Thanks for the interest though! I will get a list together soon of other Windstones to sell. I am thinking of what to cull. A green mother and young, a baby black uni, and a white father pegisus are a few, but…well…I’m so attached to them! X3

    Now, to find out where the dogs are getting all those deer bones from…*goes back to the woods*

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    First of all, i have to apologize for such sporadic forum posts, and all of them advertisements! As Nam said, I am on an adventure and my internet is sparse. I tend to just check email and Deviantart and upload/scan/sell art. I reckon taht most of the newer forum members have no idea who I am. 😀

    Anyway, I have a mint in box Ruby Sun Dragon. The box itself is kinda dirty, but, it is a box! The critter himself is perfect. If I can, I’d like to sell him here without having eBay eat up the money. If no one bites here, this is fine! No problem. I would like at least 160 plus shipping on him, but would prefer 200. PM me with offers, first person with 200 gets him. I guess taht’s like Buy it Now? And if, by chance, I get more than one offer, I will let all parties know in case anyone wishes to up the “bid”.

    I have a couple other Windstones I might sell, but I love them sorely and will have to let time tell.

    Anyway, back into the Wilderness where I belong! I hope that bear keeps pestering the bees and not our camp.

    in reply to: More in the way of those ACEOs #571938

    Oh, the embarrassment. Oh, the panic. I couldn’t find the pieces I had up on ebay…I thought I had left them in Corvallis or put them in storage in Salem or even put them in a Goodwill box. So I ended the auctions.

    Lo, my friend Greg found them tucked away in an unlikely place. I relisted everything, along with the colored pieces! So so so sorry for any confusion or inconvience! 😳

    Off I go into the Wilderness of the Wynoochee Valley!

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