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      Geeze ’em holy poop! This is INSANE!!! *grabby hands*

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        She’s AMAZING 😮


          ghostndragon wrote:

          Those stars are amazing. They look like real points of light.

          I totally concur.

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            HUBBLE is amazing!!!! 😮 I’d love to commission one but right now funds are tight. I hope to find part time work soon–then you just may hear from me! 😀


              Wow MG…. that is just amazing! To even think of something like that…. when I first saw Hubble I had to look really hard… It looks like the stars are really glowing!


                Want!! I can’t believe those stars aren’t photoshopped, Hubble really looks like she’s glowing!


                Wow this is really well done! I thought it was a photoshop job at first. Great job on the glowies.


                  Hubble is great. It looks like you captured all the prisms of diamond. The glow effect is really cool. Very nice Job. 🙂


                    Your Hubble Keeper is amazing. 😀 I have Second Nature collections of pictures taken by the Hubble Telescope, and you really did do an amazing job of capturing the colors and the entire look of those wonderful pictures. It has been a long time since I looked at the pictures, but I recalled them immediately when I saw your Keeper. You are quite talented, MG, and you certainly achieved the Hubble look with this guy. 8)


                      I haven’t had a chance to reply to my thread until tonight, and wow. Thank you so much for the wonderful comments everyone, I sincerely appreciate it!


                        OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOODNESSSSSSSSSSS!!! *faints* INCREDIBLE!! TRULY AMAZING! *goes off on compliment rant* I love Hubble! This is definitely one of my favorites of your works. I must have one of these. I hope you don’t mind waiting for a little while because it will take me some time to save up for one of these stellar beauties. The colors definite remind me of a nebula. You are spectacular machineguts.


                          *Blushing* Thanks hon, I appreciate it very much! 😳


                            Here is my latest PYO! Her name is “Pandora”. I’ve been wanting to paint an Avatar inspired Keeper ever since I started my Na’vi Keeper back when the movie first came out. I have since sold that piece as unfinished to Koishii and Grayfire so they could either complete it or start something new. “Pandora” is inspired by the beautiful colors of light found in the forest at night. It was one of the most magical moments in the movie for me, I’ll never forget how dreamy it made me feel!

                            “Pandora” has been painted in multiple colors while referencing several Avatar photos on my iPhone. Glow in the dark paint was applied to random points of light, and I highlighted the brighter areas with my airbrush. She has metallic periwinkle glass eyes and a blue zircon tail jewel. In her paw she holds a hand made double sided polymer clay leaf made with metallic sky blue clay, highlighted with bright silver paint. It is suspended from a hand formed sterling silver vine and paired with aurora borealis colored beads. Like “Hubble” no photoshopping was done on these photos save for the usual level adjustment. She is definitely another one of my favorites. 🙂

                            “Pandora” is already sold, but I may accept several commissions for a few more “Pandora” Keepers depending on how many requests are made. Otherwise only one other will be made to keep for myself. Thanks for looking!


                              😮 😮 😮 OMG!!! another beauty! and already sold 🙁

                              What amazing work MG 🙂

                              I have a few of MG’s pyo’s and they never disappoint 😀


                                Beautiful once again MG! I prefer Hubble’s colors, but that effect that you get with your airbrush is amazing 😀 I really like how you highlighted the ribs on Pandora!

                                Commission spots are currently closed! Please message me for details.
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