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    First of all, i have to apologize for such sporadic forum posts, and all of them advertisements! As Nam said, I am on an adventure and my internet is sparse. I tend to just check email and Deviantart and upload/scan/sell art. I reckon taht most of the newer forum members have no idea who I am. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Anyway, I have a mint in box Ruby Sun Dragon. The box itself is kinda dirty, but, it is a box! The critter himself is perfect. If I can, I’d like to sell him here without having eBay eat up the money. If no one bites here, this is fine! No problem. I would like at least 160 plus shipping on him, but would prefer 200. PM me with offers, first person with 200 gets him. I guess taht’s like Buy it Now? And if, by chance, I get more than one offer, I will let all parties know in case anyone wishes to up the “bid”.

    I have a couple other Windstones I might sell, but I love them sorely and will have to let time tell.

    Anyway, back into the Wilderness where I belong! I hope that bear keeps pestering the bees and not our camp.



      Hey Vantid – nice to see you, it’s been a while! Could you post a picture of him??? I have a ruby sun already, but I’m not happy with the color variation I have…so I’d be willing to buy another and sell the one I’ve got.

      "He that breaks a thing to find out what it is has left the path of wisdom."
      -J R R Tolkien


      I will try to get the photos up soon…I edited some for ebay, so as soon as I can grab them from my friend’s computer I will upload them! But this one is one of the last made, so, it is kinda magenta if that’s what you’d like to know.

      Thanks for the interest though! I will get a list together soon of other Windstones to sell. I am thinking of what to cull. A green mother and young, a baby black uni, and a white father pegisus are a few, but…well…I’m so attached to them! X3

      Now, to find out where the dogs are getting all those deer bones from…*goes back to the woods*


      Here they are!


        He’s beautiful, Vantid!

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          Wow… he is pretty!


          Aw, very pretty. I hope you are having fun in the woods.


          Next up for sale, is an emerald hatching empress. Is it safe to just say emerald empress? XD if anyone is interested, she is mintalicious with box! I honestly have no idea how much these ladies go for, but I’d lke 120 plus shipping, with a Buy it Now at I BILLION DOLLARS….or 150.

          I’ll get pictures up if people are interested.

          *sigh* Back to Camp. t’s so hard getting up in the morning with birds singing and dappled light filtering through the Douglas Fir and Alder trees.


            vantid wrote:

            Next up for sale, is an emerald hatching empress. Is it safe to just say emerald empress? XD if anyone is interested, she is mintalicious with box! I honestly have no idea how much these ladies go for,

            Hi, maybe this would help on the price:
            This brown hatching Empress goes for $100.00 not including the shipping.

            Good luck on your sales. ๐Ÿ˜‰


            How much for the curious white pooch with the black nose and brown ear?

            j/k ๐Ÿ˜†

            Im envious of your description of the trees and waking up in the morning. Reminds me of times in my life past, growing up in the north east, heading out on trail rides (horses) at 6am. *sigh*

            On topic, sorry I cant offer for your lovely babies as Im selling my own unfortunately. But theyre beautiful. I too hope like you do and that someone here gets then instead of eBay.


              OOOOO! stunnnning! I am saving for a new camera though……

              is that a centipede that the pup there is sniffing?????


                No that’s a millipede :> Centipedes look way different.
                …specially if they are of the giant variety and your face is about 2 inches from it ๐Ÿ˜€ Hurray for foot long centipedes!


                  Cute dog, pretty dragon.


                    Sorry to go off topic but… do you really have a VW bus?????

                    I Would love an Old Warrior one day.. any Old Warrior!

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