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      Hello! I don’t know anything about these figures, but…
      A few years back I bought one of these dragon figures and am looking to resell it (probably just on EBay) but noticed since there’s a dedicated forum here somebody might be able to help me out. Here is a photo of the guy:

      I see on the website that he’s supposed to retail for 90 bucks but is out-of-stock at the moment. I bought him at a store for around 100 bucks. He’s slightly chipped on three of his back spines:

      Otherwise he is in good shape, just a bit dusty. Anyway with the damage I was just wondering what price I should stick this guy for on EBay. I’m figuring around 50-60 bucks CAD or so but since there’s a community here I thought I might as well ask. Thank you all for any help!!

      Predicting the sale price is tricky because it depends on how many people are looking for this dragon and how they feel about minor damage. A Black Gold coiled mother dragon (same general idea but a different dragon with a gold egg instead of a sphere) recently sold on ebay for $145 including free shipping. She had her original box and no reported damage.

      I would suggest selling the dragon as an ebay auction rather than Buy-It-Now. I think your idea of $50 or $60 is OK as the starting point for an auction. You could, and maybe should, price him in USD rather than CAD. If you plan to do Buy-It-Now of course you would set the price higher. You always can reduce it if he doesn’t sell!

      As you probably were planning to do, dusting the dragon before listing him is a good idea. A clean paint brush is useful for removing most of the dust.


        This one is not discontinued but is out of stock currently. It sells new for $90 US. If you sell him on eBay I would start a little lower than that due to minor damage. You can also offer him in the classifieds here, or there is a Windstone Editions fan club (official) Facebook page that allows sale or trade offers. I know there are some Canadian folks that visit both places. It mostly depends on if anyone is looking for that particular piece, and if they are unwilling to wait for a restock.

      Viewing 2 posts - 211 through 212 (of 212 total)
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