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    The one on top is the weirdo? It looks to me like a late-run version of peacock, with less of the champagne and more of the green and brighter blue and purple. The last one looks like a peacock done in the style of the earlier run peacocks, with more of the champagne and more red violetish purple.

    Lola Morgan

    Trying to find out how much your Windstone sculpture is worth? The first thing you need to know is what sculpture and color you have. If you are not sure, check out the Windstone Identification Thread.

    It is also helpful to know whether or not your Windstone is retired. Retired sculptures and colors are often worth more than those that are still being made. Windstone Editions has also produced special Limited Production, Limited Edition, Artist Edition, and Test Paint pieces that could be more valuable, due to their rarity.

    Note: Condition will have an effect on value! Windstones that are in mint condition (clean, and with no chips, cracks, breaks, paint scuffs, fading, repairs, etc) will be worth more than non-mint Windstones.

    If your Windstone is still being made (and if it isn’t a Limited Production color), you can check Windstone Edition’s online store to find out its retail price. Your Windstone will be worth about that price or less, depending in its condition (if you own a Limited Production color, its retail price may also be listed in the store, but yours could be worth more if the store lists it as “out of stock”).

    If you own a Windstone that is retired, or that is an “out of stock” Limited production color, you can get an estimate of it’s value by researching past selling prices on eBay. Here are two ways to do that:

    Searchable Windstone sales price Database – This fan-made database records the prices that Windstones have sold for on eBay in recent years, including Regular and Limited Production items, and special Limited Edition, Artist Edition, and Test Paint items. To use the search function, change the dropdown to “ALL” instead of “SPECIAL”, and then type in a single keyword (the search wont find any results if you use more than one word). The database also has separate entries for “mint” and “non-mint” items. Once you find your Windstone in the database, you will need to look at it’s average price. Prices tend to fluctuate from year to year, and the average prices listed in this database may not always reflect current worth, but it’s a good place to start.

    eBay – eBay keeps searchable records of its most recent completed listings. First, do a very general search for your Windstone using just one or two keywords (i.e., “windstone dragon” or “windstone unicorn”). After clicking search, look for a list of additional search options on the left. Click the “Completed listings” option (under “Show only”). This will cause ebay to search recently completed listings for your keywords. Look through the results for Windstones that match yours. Prices will be shown in either green or red. Red means that the item ended with no bids.

    If you are still having trouble finding the value of your Windstone, you can ask for help by posting in this thread.

    My friend has two hatching dragons from the 80’s and 90’s. One is tanzanite and one is white. People she has talked to are saying that both pieces are retired and worth a lot especially the white one. Can you tell me what they are worth? The pictures that I have uploaded are not of her dragons. I used pictures of what they look like off of the internet but I will get pictures of hers and put on as well.

    DeAnn Morgan


    Prices for hatching dragons like yours can vary depending on the condition of the dragon and who wants it. Sometimes the ebay “Sold” prices are helpful in estimating value. Almost all of these prices also have additional charges for shipping which I did not write down.

    Checking the ebay “Sold” prices for the white dragon shows two of them sold this year:
    1/03 58.00 Buy-It-Now
    2/20 58.00 23 bids

    There are lots more sales for the blue dragon, which is the retired “Peacock” color, but the prices are all over the place. All of these are either Buy-It-Now or auctions with one or two bids:
    12/30 41.00
    1/21 147.65
    2/06 62.99
    2/15 69.00
    2/15 99.99
    2/21 60.00
    2/24 89.00
    3/05 139.94
    3/08 60.00
    3/13 129.99
    3/17 100.00

    There was one auction lot with a white hatching dragon and a Peacock hatching dragon sold together:
    2/22 117.50 2 bids

    Obviously value of these guys often depends on what someone is willing to pay for it! The white color is less common than the Peacock, but more people collect Peacock dragons which may account for the difference in sale prices.

Viewing 4 posts - 196 through 199 (of 199 total)
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