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      The first “WHINE is served!” thread is an enormous 125 pages long. After a thread gets into the triple digits, sometimes the forum software starts to have trouble digesting it, like me after a huge Thanksgiving meal. So, here is our new one! Just remember our forum rules: feel free to whine, but within the rules please. 🙂

      If you would like to read the previous thread, you are welcome to do so here: http://windstoneeditions.com/the-windstone-forum/topic/whine-is-served/

      Melody’s initial post:

      Post your whines here! Whines differ from rants, rants are about outside things, whines are about yourself and your sucky life.
      Not heavy depressing stuff, you are totally entitled to complain about that and get sympathy, this is just for spoiled brat type whining.

      Volunteer mod- I'm here to help! Email me for the best response: nambroth at gmail.com
      My art: featherdust.com


        Thanks for starting this. 🙂


          OK. My fridge freezer went out 2-3 weeks ago ; fridge OK until today… Made high pitched weirdo noise unsafe to run
          Alas need a brand new fridge. (deep sigh)
          My Chrstmas tree also will not light; had to be discarded as well as my fridge…
          Right before the Holiday season too. ( another deep sigh)
          Resisting an urge to have a full-blown toddler temper tantrum.. Like rolling on the floor and screaming my head off.
          Tomorrow pay-day so thats a really good thing.
          Thank you to anyone who reads this and understands.



            finally got a new car after having one for 13 years but it’s been almost 7 weeks since I got my car and still no registration or license plates…I have the pink slip so I know what my plates will be but still getting tired of waiting…..

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              My DVD player is starting to skip when playing discs–doesn’t always do it so I know it isn’t the disc. Just frustrating because I got a cold and just wanted to snuggle up and watch a movie and then this happens. DVD player is 7 years old–thought things like this should last a little longer before starting to crap out. Guess I’m asking for too much. I sigh along with everyone else.


                Ever have one of those days where you don’t feel like socializing with anyone and where you’re too drained to act happy? Well its one of those days for me so Im calling in sick to work, even though Im out of sick time and may get in trouble, I just dont care. I have no reason to feel like this and every reason to be as happy as a. …whatever that saying is….but I just want to sleep today. And hide away from the world….Im feeling overwhelmed I guess and need a break. It could be my migraine that has triggered this mood…..

                But I just wanted to whine about it…while lying snuggled up on my couch.


                  Well with my car broke down,Jeff tore his arm muscle and needs surgery,will be out of work for a month or so,ALL of the gorgeous beauties seeking new homes right now,and it’s Christmas…I’m so sad…..WAH!A very blue Christmas this year to say the least.I wish my luck would change for the better instead of all the struggles.Well,HAPPY HOLIDAYS ANYWAY EVERYONE!

                  Every act matters.No matter how small💞
                  (Wanted......Brimstone Lap)
                  Male Hearth....one day🤞Dream on.


                    Sorry to hear that Bodine. Well this guy I have been seeing would have had a few whines in the last two months as his dad ended up in the hospital, he was deathly sick, got laid off his job, had problems with his friends and we broke up all in a span of a few weeks. He also just found out his aunt is in the hospital in B.C. so he is flying there early today to go visit her this weekend as she may not make it much longer. On the other hand the other problems resolved themselves as his dad got better and got out of the hospital, he got better, just found a new job today and has been trying to make new friends and make our relationship work now. So hopefully things will get better with his aunt too. It’s just been a rough couple months for him and for me trying to help him and deal with everything he’s been dealing with.

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                      I need to whine a bit. I ordered my son a lego set on e-bay. I researched the seller’s feedback and there was nothing but good to say about his integrity and quick shipping and all that stuff. So I “buy it now” on and 9th of December. He doesn’t ship it until the 12th. Ok. Over the weekend. I get it. But now for the last week there has been no tracking information from fedex for the shippment. I have contacted the seller and he sent me the confirmation that a shipping label was created but couldn’t explain why there was no tracking info. Said he would get back to me after he looked into it. That was Friday morning. I didn’t hear anything the rest of Friday so Saturday morning I called Fedex and was told that if there was no tracking information updating then it was never scanned in for shippment. So I messaged the seller with this information hoping for something to happen. Nothing. (you would think that even on a weekend you could at least address a customer issue a little). Now I don’t know what to do. This was my boy’s “big” present this year and I’m not sure it will make it for Christmas now. I’m a little irked that it seems after all of the positive feedback he had received that I’m the one that this happens to. Grrrr!! Whine!!!! 🙁


                        Sorry to hear that LuvsDragons. Hopefully its a similar thing to my issue with the USPS and somehow tracking did get scanned into the system but the computer system isn’t updating as it should. It seems with the holidays tracking gets less reliable.
                        Can’t blame you any for being irked about it though.
                        Hoping everything gets sorted out fast for you!

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                          @LuvsDragons If it helps, I do almost all of my shopping online and tracking not, well, tracking… actually happens ALL the time (and just as StormDancer says), especially around the holidays. It’s almost always the fault of the package handlers not scanning that crucial first scan, but that shouldn’t effect it getting to you on time! It is, however, very frustrating. It would be ideal if the seller would stay in contact with you, even if he isn’t 100% sure what to do about the issue. The holidays are always a difficult time for communications, though. Dx I hope everything works out and that your son gets his gift in time.


                            Update: I heard back from the seller. He cannot find anything either so he is sending another out to hopefully get here by the 22nd. Keeping the fingers crossed. He seems like a really nice guy and I am not mad at him at all. I hope he can get reimbursed for the item that did not get shipped out or lost or whatever happened to it. :S


                              I sent out a box with 3 grab bag pieces in a trade around the end of Nov. and the tracking stopped updating on Dec. 4 after if left Chicago. I was getting really worried that it might be lost but tracking finally updated last night and it’s almost at its destination now thank goodness, so I guess around Christmas things can get held up and tracking might not update for a while. I am sure you will get your box though hopefully in time for Christmas.

                              As for Brian, the guy I mentioned above that I have been seeing, he went to see his aunt again early Sat. as she took a turn for the worse and she passed away Sat. night so he has been having a rough time. He just got back in town and I saw him a few hours ago and it went okay but he is still in shock I think. The last couple days for both of us were really rough as we were both feeling pretty depressed. Our plans are all our in the air for Christmas now as I don’t know if his family will be here for Christmas or in BC with the family of his aunt. We were planning to celebrate Christmas together either way but everything has just been stressful lately. I just hope things get a bit better and easier by next weekend.

                              Looking for rainbow or pink & teal grab bags!


                                So glad the tracking has finally updated for you Kim, I know how worrying it can be when it just stops for no apparent reason.
                                I hope that Brian and his family can find peace and good memories to remember his aunt by. And I am sure he appreciates your support during this time Kim.
                                Wishing you and Brian both the peace and healing that Christmas can provide.

                                Looking for:
                                "COSMIC SHIFT DRAGONS and KI-RINS" and the "OCTOPUS TANUKI TEST PAINT #1"


                                  LuvsDragons I am so glad the seller has found a solution for you. Hopefully it will arrive quickly with no delays!
                                  If it does get delayed perhaps come up with a cute story on how the elves needed his package to use as a step ladder to load the sleigh and then they forgot to load it when Santa had to go. And so they will be making a special delivery just for him in the next day or two.
                                  Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

                                  Looking for:
                                  "COSMIC SHIFT DRAGONS and KI-RINS" and the "OCTOPUS TANUKI TEST PAINT #1"

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