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      Six-cd changer appears to be going out in my car and has a limited edition CD stuck in it of course. Then I open the closet where the water heater is and find a leak in the floor. This isn’t the first lead we’ve had either the most recent one was at Christmas.


        I’m tired and been fairly perpetually sick most of last year (I stopped being a caregiver of several years in Nov. 2015 when my Mom died (sepsis and kidney failure) and my body didn’t know how to adjust from running 100mph to not; it was like hitting a brick wall). Sibling refuses to sleep in his room anymore. He’s lazy and just has his bed covered in laundry, dirty and clean, unsorted and various other things, so he just sleeps in the living room and tends to cough and spread his germs all over the place when sick, rather than staying put. He contributes nothing to the household and can barely hold a job longer than 2-3 months (he’s an addict and gets fired frequently for not showing up when he gets that ‘itch’). I’m scheduled for sinus surgery in April to hopefully alleviate the frequency and severity of the sinus colds (getting the sinus passages widened). Adding to this, I received no help around the house from the holidays onward unexpectedly from even my Dad, so I’m pulling double duty with work and getting all my projects on my to do list done, as well as still trying to sort through everything I inherited from my Mom (by default being the only girl) when she passed away. Dad also started seeing a lady (friends with benefits, nothing more), which felt very awkward during the holidays, considering it was less than a year after she passed. I went from being his right hand helper to being out of the loop almost overnight and it doesn’t seem to register when I’ve brought things up with him, so I just don’t say anything any more. I just keep my head down. I feel like I’m barely treading water some days (not as bad as the holidays were, but some days are rough). Being the only girl now is also tough and I’m not always taken seriously because of it on some days. Miss having her to talk to. Tired of not getting help around here. Tired of having my sinuses feel like they’re going to explode.

        Sorry, I needed the long overdue whine.


          Sorry to hear that you have gone through all that Siberakh1 as that would be very tough. For your sinuses, have you looked into if it could be related to allergies or maybe even mold in the house that can mimic those symptoms? I have chronic sinusitis from environmental factors and am allergic to dust and mold so have lived in a couple rentals where I thought I was sick but then realized there was mold in the house and we had to move. If it is colds you are getting it could be from stress or not getting enough sleep as well. When I have colds, I take Oregano Oil, about 20 drops a day and find it works pretty well to get rid of the virus or bacteria affecting me. I usually get better in a couple days along with supplementing that with lots of vitamin C and D, garlic pills, Echinacea, fruit and vegetable juices, teas with lemon and honey, etc. For your brother have you looked into getting him help or going to a treatment centre? That’s not fair to you to have to look after him if he can’t help himself. I hope things get better in time!

          Looking for rainbow or pink & teal grab bags!


            Big hugs, Siberakh!!! Aside from saying take things one at a time, all I can offer are virtual good vibes…

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              Guess I need to vent for a tiny bit…..

              Im in my 3rd week of not working. My Dr put me off on leave due to the stress of working backshift— which has greatly increased the frequency of my migraines, causing me to use more meds which mess me up and knock me out… and all of this not feeling well along with being awake all night has my system all messed up which has all contributed to my depression flaring up. Migraines, and boughts of random crying…. I just couldnt take it any longer.

              Mind you I never wanted backshift….. work slotted me there when I got hired full-time from part-time. That was great news there, but there was no reason for them to slot me onto backshift when in fact there were empty spots on the shift I had originally been working. So they moved me to a place on backshift where I wasnt really needed and left the other spot empty….. so I figured all I could do was try.

              For 6 months I tried !! I waited for other spots to open up so I could bid back to where I want to be…. 18 yrs seniority should have made that easy, but one thing after another happened which blocked my plans. It almost seemed like management was out to get me….. πŸ™ And not to brag, but Im one of the good workers there, I actually did take pride in my work and worked hard and went out of my way to ensure things were done right. Ive had many a supervisor from my old shift tell me they wished I was back in my old section/shift…. but for some reason things just havent fallen in place for me… yet. I used to LOVE my job, but now I have come to hate it.

              So I cracked…. after trying for 6 months I just had enough. And to make matters worse a fellow coworker who just recently got hired as a Full-timer, in another classification than me, was also put onto midnights… and he refused to even try to do that shift, he went to his Dr and got a note and was accommodated in less than 2 weeks. And get this… he was put in the spot I had been waiting for all along. And I know for a fact he doesnt have health issues like I have. He doesnt actually own the spot, he is only being accommodated there… but still…. he didnt even try to do backshift. And he is placed into a section in a diff classification than what he was even hired to do ! ( huh, and me being the nice person, when I first found out he got hired I told him to go to the Dr as he said he didnt want to work the night shift… I TOLD HIM to do this ! But you know I never once in a million years thought he would get it SOOO fast and that he would get the spot I wanted…. ) …..

              So thats what I get for trying to do things the RIGHT way…. I tried for 6 months and all I got out of it was being really depressed and sick from migraines, plus I put on a LOT of weight. And thats what I get for being nice and trying to help him out…. it comes back to haunt me. So here I sit at home now… depressed. I want to work, but I cant do backshift… so I wait for them to accommodate me to another shift. Im currently getting paid…. but my claim is pending, so in reality if it gets denied I will have to pay back what they paid me while I was off. Plus my mind spins and thinks too much, I worry about loosing my job…. or I worry they will force me back to midnights, or that people at work will now frown upon me for being weak…. and I sit and wait. My caseworker was supposed to call me last week, and she didnt so I called her and left a message. She has still not phoned me, which also makes me worry πŸ™

              I just want life to go back to normal…. maybe I should have never tried to go fulltime πŸ™ And yes, I do believe that the nicer you are, the more you get shit on.

              ok… end of rant…..

              Celestial Rainstorm

                I just need a little whine, perhaps I’ll feel better. I was putting my shelves together on my bookcases with my things (Windstones included) and found the perfect place for my V1 Elven Curlie, which is one of my favorites due to his dark color. My hands were shaking as a moved a piece of crystal from one shelf to another and I dropped it….right smack dab on his head.

                His display side horn has come clean off, with a chip on his brow and his neck scale. I am so bummed out, I’ve tried so hard to take care of them. Its an easy fix, but he won’t ever look the same and it really made me sad πŸ™

                Finding happiness again.


                  I’m so sorry. I know these pieces are just THINGS but they look so alive that it makes me sad when they get damaged. I hope the repair goes easy and you can forget all about it in time.

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                  Celestial Rainstorm

                    Thank you Natasha. Yeah he’s one of my favorites, but I think I can pretty easily disguise everything. Luckily the chips aren’t too bad.

                    Finding happiness again.


                      I know how sick I was when the cats decided to play demolition derby with my Windstones, C.R. I hope the repair is easy and seamless.

                      My whine is my sister picked up a car-struck box tortoise yesterday. It is still alive after 24 hours; the shell seems undamaged but there was some bleeding and seeping around the head and the eyes are swollen- maybe a broken beak or fractured skull? It needs help, though it is responsive, but the reason we still have it is that NO ONE- not vets, not Animal Control- will take it! A couple vets told her they’d take it but euthanize it immediately (this without having seen it yet). It deserves a chance! And the Florida Box Tortoise is a threatened species! Have been unable to find/get ahold of any wildlife rehabbers also.


                        Sorry to hear about the turtle, I woulda done the same thing and try to help it.

                        Im not sure exactly where you are located but I found this website which helps turtles….maybe they can help ?



                          Thanks for the link, Amstaff! Jacksonville is about 3-4 hours from here, but if things haven’t changed we’ll call them tomorrow. They should know of local to me rehabbers, we’re not too far apart. If worse comes to worse I’m off Saturday; maybe they’d take it, maybe they have a volunteer that would meet me halfway, h*** it could be a nice drive to go all the way (haven’t been to Jax).

                          on the plus side, the poor guy seems more alert and responsive tonight, with no discharge around the head.


                            Hope they can help you and good luck !

                            Glad to hear he is a bit more alert . Keep us posted on how he makes out πŸ™‚


                              We got ahold of someone who knows a wild herp rehabber; they’ll be picking up the turtle tomorrow. Swelling is down in the eyes/head and no discharge; s/he’s more active and alert, and had a big normal looking without visible blood BM. Happy dance!


                                Oh thats soooo awesome! So glad someone could help πŸ™‚


                                  Today’s turtle update (we call to check up on her)- no signs of infection at this time, she’s lost her left eye but they’re cautiously hopeful she’ll keep the right, and her mandible’s broken. She is showing some interest in food, they’ll see if she can/will take something soft in. If she’ll be too disabled to be returned to the wild but can lead a happy life, she’ll be going into a state sanctioned breeding colony of other special needs tortoises. It’s too early to tell yet, but hopeful she’ll be okay.

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