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    Congrats, how you love ‘im!!!


    Wow, how heartbreaking for my husband, he’s a forum member and is named Blake. He thought he’d won the tiger dragon!


    Glad you like him!


    I have the Black Peacock Poad and the Burnt Sugar Poad if you were interested in them πŸ˜€


    Ooooh, very pretty πŸ˜€


    I redesigned the list to include colors of statues together instead of just forms of the dragons. I also posted the sold critters at the bottom in case anyone is updating price lists. Thanks guys πŸ˜€


    Hey guys, just a reminder that today’s the day I’ll be selling my items (the ones requesting offers) so ya’ll can know for sure if you get a pretty new edition to your Windstone family πŸ˜€ I’ll send out PMs on Friday to let ya know πŸ™‚


    Heya Jacki, I just sent the pics over. Bonus, if you get him I can hand-deliver him if you like and save on shipping, I live in Leander and my home town is Belton πŸ˜€


    I am thinning out my herd somewhat and thought I’d offer them here first to see if anyone is looking for them to add to or complete their own collection πŸ˜€ (the prices DO NOT reflect shipping, all of these are in Mint condition, & I’m 99% sure I have all their boxes unless otherwise specified) Don’t be afraid to make an offer if my price is off kilter expensive- I haven’t researched prices in a long time and am mostly going off “is it in the Windstone Store and when was the last time I saw it In Stock and would I ever be able to replace it.”

    Ruby Male Dragon- $165

    Peacock Old Warrior- make an offer
    Peacock Curled mother dragon w/ gold egg- make an offer
    Peacock Hatching Empress ($150)

    White Male Unicorn- $91
    White Young Unicorn- $60

    Burnt Sugar Poad- $135
    Black Peacock Poad- $110

    Siamese Bat Flapcat- $50 (don’t have original box)
    Black Bat Flapcat- $50 (don’t have original box)

    Black Gold Curled mother dragon w/ gold egg- make an offer
    Black Gold Curled Dragon- make an offer
    Black Female Griffin ($225)
    Black Crouching Griffin Chick ($95)

    Pearl Female Griffin ($265)
    Pearl Male Griffin ($265)
    Pearl Crouching Griffin Chick ($100)
    Pearl Sitting Griffin Chick ($100)

    Gold Emperor Dragon ($325)
    Gold Male Dragon ($125)
    Gold Female Dragon ($120)
    Gold Young Dragon ($80)

    Silver Hatching Emperor (SOLD $135)
    Gold Fledgling with certificate (SOLD $145)
    Amethyst Curl Dragon- (SOLD $65)
    White Old Warrior- (SOLD $425)
    Autumn Leaf Curled Dragon- (SOLD $65)
    Pink Lap Dragon- (SOLD $260)


    We need a “Like” button for posts πŸ˜€


    On the Windstone website it says Zeppard Poadβ„’ – New! Available from our dealers ($80). Any dealers on here have one in stock they’d wanna sell?


    Heya Lokie!!

    Ya, I love it when people do such nice things for other people. When I was looking for an emerald coiled mom people tried to help me out too- so sweet πŸ˜€ I agree with D87- “family we almost never get to see” is so accurate πŸ˜€


    Heya Dragon πŸ˜€ Ya, was just dusting today and remembering where my Windstones hail from and I thought about that time in life, remembered I usually go years between making appearances on the forums these days, and so wanted to put out a “hey, I was thinking of you all fondly!” note. I’m kinda surprised no one else has posted about other kindnesses.


    I like feel-good stuff and since it’s near Christmas and the wrapping up of a good/bad/disastrous/fantastic year I thought it appropriate to remember the good things in life. I apologize if this was already mentioned prior (I have NO skill when it comes to navigating the search feature) but I thought it would be cool to remember the super-awesome things people on this forum have done for other people on this forum.

    I’ll start: 3 years ago my then-4-year old son, Kyle, was diagnosed with a brain tumor that was a 1/3rd the size of his brain causing him headaches and pressure buildup in his cranium. On August 8, with a general CAT scan, we saw what was causing the headaches and the next 24 hours were the hardest I’d ever had as a parent. We had to go to the emergency room immediately, he had to have emergency brain surgery the following morning, and we stayed at the hospital for a week+ (BTW for those just tuning in Kyle is healthy as a horse and has all As and Bs in school so my family is doing great!).

    In the meantime I posted on the forums our situation and everyone was so fantastically supportive and sympathetic even when my company was looking for ways to end my employment while I was on leave. A lot of the forum members pitched in their hard-earned money (and loads of love) and bought the paint-your-owns available at the time, sent them to Thomas Lake (frozen), and he painted them in my favorite color, purple, and shipped them to me. In the worst possible months I’ve ever had the people in this forum really pulled together to give me a solid support system, something beautiful to look at and realize there is always beauty around us, and a stunning display of affection that even to this day causes me to tear up as I lovingly dote on my purple critters you all sent to me way back then. <3 ya'll!!


    Okay, so today the UPS guy showed up bearing 2 boxes, one was expected but the other was a box from Windstone Editions and I looked at it SO quizzically thinking “I didn’t order anything, I WANTED to order stuff but I haven’t yet…hnh?” THEN I remembered, I put my name in for the absolutely AMAZINGLY gorgeous Azalea and thinking “no way, really?!” SURE ENOUGH when I opened the box there she was. I’m not kidding, she is AMAZING! So beautiful and detailed; I know dapples are hard to do but Melody, you REALLY did a beautiful job! She’s gorgeous and so beautifully colored and I love the darker dapples, they are beautiful. Thank you so much for doing a monthly drawing, I am so pleased to give her a new home and she’s a stunner!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 1,063 total)