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    On the Windstone website it says Zeppard Poad™ – New! Available from our dealers ($80). Any dealers on here have one in stock they’d wanna sell?


      I don’t know if any of the dealers have one in stock at the moment, since they just came out, but I know they can order it. Melody said somewhere (can’t remember where exactly) that some dealers may not even know about him yet! If I don’t get one next year (only a few weeks away!), I’ll probably be taking a picture in to the one I found near me and having them order it. I want to be supportive of one of the local dealers here (I found two!, but their stock is low), however the one closest to me likes to jack all the prices up, so it tends to be much cheaper for me to order and pay shipping, depending on the piece and prices they decide to put on them (some pieces they don’t mark up, some they really mark up a lot! – $75 for a production hatchling? Come on…)


        Emerald’s Emporium (http://www.emeraldsemporium.com) appears to have them in stock. Emerald also has posted here on the forum that she has them.


          Melody talks about the Zeppard poads here



            Thank you! Yes, I have a shipment coming in. I should probably have it at the beginning of next week. Some are already spoken for, though, so don’t wait too long to contact me.

          Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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