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    I am thinning out my herd somewhat and thought I’d offer them here first to see if anyone is looking for them to add to or complete their own collection πŸ˜€ (the prices DO NOT reflect shipping, all of these are in Mint condition, & I’m 99% sure I have all their boxes unless otherwise specified) Don’t be afraid to make an offer if my price is off kilter expensive- I haven’t researched prices in a long time and am mostly going off “is it in the Windstone Store and when was the last time I saw it In Stock and would I ever be able to replace it.”

    Ruby Male Dragon- $165

    Peacock Old Warrior- make an offer
    Peacock Curled mother dragon w/ gold egg- make an offer
    Peacock Hatching Empress ($150)

    White Male Unicorn- $91
    White Young Unicorn- $60

    Burnt Sugar Poad- $135
    Black Peacock Poad- $110

    Siamese Bat Flapcat- $50 (don’t have original box)
    Black Bat Flapcat- $50 (don’t have original box)

    Black Gold Curled mother dragon w/ gold egg- make an offer
    Black Gold Curled Dragon- make an offer
    Black Female Griffin ($225)
    Black Crouching Griffin Chick ($95)

    Pearl Female Griffin ($265)
    Pearl Male Griffin ($265)
    Pearl Crouching Griffin Chick ($100)
    Pearl Sitting Griffin Chick ($100)

    Gold Emperor Dragon ($325)
    Gold Male Dragon ($125)
    Gold Female Dragon ($120)
    Gold Young Dragon ($80)

    Silver Hatching Emperor (SOLD $135)
    Gold Fledgling with certificate (SOLD $145)
    Amethyst Curl Dragon- (SOLD $65)
    White Old Warrior- (SOLD $425)
    Autumn Leaf Curled Dragon- (SOLD $65)
    Pink Lap Dragon- (SOLD $260)


      Can I see a picture of your white ow?



      Heya Jacki, I just sent the pics over. Bonus, if you get him I can hand-deliver him if you like and save on shipping, I live in Leander and my home town is Belton πŸ˜€


        Got it and responded. Thank you!


        Hey guys, just a reminder that today’s the day I’ll be selling my items (the ones requesting offers) so ya’ll can know for sure if you get a pretty new edition to your Windstone family πŸ˜€ I’ll send out PMs on Friday to let ya know πŸ™‚


        I redesigned the list to include colors of statues together instead of just forms of the dragons. I also posted the sold critters at the bottom in case anyone is updating price lists. Thanks guys πŸ˜€

        Wampus Dragon

          recieved the silver hatcher. perfect condition! thanks so much!


          Glad you like him!

        Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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