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    I like feel-good stuff and since it’s near Christmas and the wrapping up of a good/bad/disastrous/fantastic year I thought it appropriate to remember the good things in life. I apologize if this was already mentioned prior (I have NO skill when it comes to navigating the search feature) but I thought it would be cool to remember the super-awesome things people on this forum have done for other people on this forum.

    I’ll start: 3 years ago my then-4-year old son, Kyle, was diagnosed with a brain tumor that was a 1/3rd the size of his brain causing him headaches and pressure buildup in his cranium. On August 8, with a general CAT scan, we saw what was causing the headaches and the next 24 hours were the hardest I’d ever had as a parent. We had to go to the emergency room immediately, he had to have emergency brain surgery the following morning, and we stayed at the hospital for a week+ (BTW for those just tuning in Kyle is healthy as a horse and has all As and Bs in school so my family is doing great!).

    In the meantime I posted on the forums our situation and everyone was so fantastically supportive and sympathetic even when my company was looking for ways to end my employment while I was on leave. A lot of the forum members pitched in their hard-earned money (and loads of love) and bought the paint-your-owns available at the time, sent them to Thomas Lake (frozen), and he painted them in my favorite color, purple, and shipped them to me. In the worst possible months I’ve ever had the people in this forum really pulled together to give me a solid support system, something beautiful to look at and realize there is always beauty around us, and a stunning display of affection that even to this day causes me to tear up as I lovingly dote on my purple critters you all sent to me way back then. <3 ya'll!!


      Hey, it’s good to see you! :bye:

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      Heya Dragon πŸ˜€ Ya, was just dusting today and remembering where my Windstones hail from and I thought about that time in life, remembered I usually go years between making appearances on the forums these days, and so wanted to put out a “hey, I was thinking of you all fondly!” note. I’m kinda surprised no one else has posted about other kindnesses.


      I think there was a thanksgiving thread done to that effect, but heck if I can find it (because I can’t remember the title name).

      And that’s one of the things I like about this forum. We aren’t just strangers over the internet, who happen to have a common interest (though it started that way, I’m sure), this is more like a family that we almost never get to see. πŸ™‚


        Nice to see you again, Cheryl :hi:

        I’ve never been gifted by the forum folk as a whole, but I have had awesome things done for me by individual members. For instance, back when Ebay prices were insane and there was still demand for certain pieces, when I made a “looking for” thread for the Peacock coiled mother (that time going for ~$250 on Ebay), several members PM’d me leads for stores that may be carrying them for retail price. Super kind, as these members could have easily bought the pieces themselves and sold them for a big mark up on Ebay. Just one example of many and I appreciate every single one of them.


        Heya Lokie!!

        Ya, I love it when people do such nice things for other people. When I was looking for an emerald coiled mom people tried to help me out too- so sweet πŸ˜€ I agree with D87- “family we almost never get to see” is so accurate πŸ˜€


          CherylKaufman wrote:

          I agree with D87- “family we almost never get to see” is so accurate πŸ˜€

          Yes, this! From emotional support during rough times, an enthusiastic cheering squad for new endevers and thoughtful ‘thinking of you’ gifts, our forums are most def my ‘second’ family!

          twindragonsmum πŸ˜€



          We need a “Like” button for posts πŸ˜€


            CherylKaufman wrote:

            Heya Lokie!!

            :bye: (I know this is a “bye” emoticon but it makes a way cutter “hi”) πŸ™‚

            Every time I think I’ll let myself go the way of the dodo on this forum, I get pulled back in. So many great folks over the years. And Melody and Nam are awesome to us πŸ˜€

            I hope you get your Poad! πŸ™‚ They are so adorable!

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