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    WHINE WTH happened with USPS shipping? I know shipping prices have gone up but with my outer box dimensions it was going to be like $60+ for a double boxed male dragon only going one state away! before insurance! Ughhhhhhh


    I’m curious about that. I sold off a lot of my collection recently and never paid more than $30 for the larger sculptures to be shipped via usps. I got a quote for the rising spectral that didn’t sell, and he was only in the $50s for shipping cost. Now it has been a couple months since I last shipped, but as far as I know they haven’t raised prices that much.
    The price is determined by both the weight and the size of the package. If you’re package is super light but in a huge box, you’ll still pay a larger amount to ship it.


    I’ve found that the larger and/or heavier boxed sculpts have better shipping costs with UPS Ground. You may want to check them out.

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    Even the smaller sculpts don’t have the price difference that they used to between UPS and Priority Mail. Also, UPS is noticeably faster than they used to be. This week I shipped a unicorn colt from Maryland to South Carolina by UPS – $15.00 for shipping with insurance and supposed to arrive in two days.


    In my personal experience, I found UPS to be way more expensive. Got a couple quotes from them and one I remember exactly: they wanted $36 to ship an anime figure. USPS only wanted $12. Same box, dimensions, weight. They also wanted about twice the amount to ship a male gryphon than USPS wanted.
    Absolutely get multiple quotes, but after the, several, inflated quotes from UPS, I will not use them again (also the packages took over a week to arrive every time).

    (Also once I sold one of my fursuits and the UPS website quoted me around $50 to ship him. Got to the store and was told it would cost $140 to ship. If your website can’t accurately quote prices for the one thing your business does, what are you even doing? On that note, I’m shipping another fursuit tomorrow and, label printed, USPS wanted $42. I don’t even want to know what UPS would charge!)


    I found some of the new pricing absurd while selling off ddvm’s collection. Anything that was an Old Warrior, Rising Spectral, and even some of the Laps and Scratcher sized pieces I opted for UPS. Way cheaper for larger, heavier items. USPS is getting absurd with their surcharges for any packages over 12x12x12

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    I’ve found that larger packages I ship UPS and smaller packages USPS. Although with the back log recently my UPS packages have been arriving much faster than my USPS stuff, even with priority.

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    I don’t always respond on this thread, but even when I don’t, I’m still sending good wishes and vibes to you with family with cancer, truck trouble, and loved ones with broken ribs (and anything else that comes up but I hope nothing else does for any of you!). 🙏🙏🙏

    My issues feel small in comparison! Stove decided to start leaking gas (gas range) so had the plumber out to make sure it’s not the wall connector (it wasn’t and he had to update it anyway), and now I need to get a new stove/oven (I use it a lot). Bleh. It’s ancient so not a shock but I was hoping to move in the next couple years, tho I likely would have had to replace it for that too (it looks that obviously old). Still annoying. Oh well. It’s an annoyance, not anything comparable to what’s posted here before me.

    Wishing you guys better luck your ways!


    Needing a new major appliance counts. This thread is for all whines. It helps to just get it out there and have support. Hugs

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    well after about an hour and half, we’re back home after a scare/false alarm with Morgan……I noticed his paw pad near the thumb claw looked kinda white, also his paw pads didn’t look their normal bright pink and I checked his gums, looked white to both of us….so took him to the vet, they checked him over head to tail, said he had pinked up all over and seemed fine, gave him a blood test and couldn’t find anything wrong so Morgan is now resting on the carpet looking glad that’s all over…..

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Viewing 10 posts - 736 through 745 (of 745 total)
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