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      Fried Egg sandwich . Sunny Side Up with buttered toast . The yoke is best . Scrambled is good .

      Ok hungry now .

      This is the second food related thread you’ve revived/created lol I think someone is definatly hungry! (me too πŸ˜› )


        Scrambled eggs with a tad off milk butter and peeper added to them on toast with smoked salmon :3. My boyfriend made that for me when i was visiting and it quickly became my fav combo.


          Three eggs mixed with three or four cups of milk and a chunk of butter, stirred over a stove top for half an hour until it reaches a pudding-like consistency. Then if you are feeling adventurous, add ketchup.


            Three eggs mixed with three or four cups of milk and a chunk of butter, stirred over a stove top for half an hour until it reaches a pudding-like consistency. Then if you are feeling adventurous, add ketchup.

            Gak!Reminds me of the puddle of condiments we made before we moved.


              Egg-in-a-hole, or for some, Egg-in-a-basket!
              Butter a slice of bread, take a shot class and cut the center out, put it in the frying pan and crack an egg into the bread! Fry it up to your liking, I personally like the yolk a tad runny.
              Made two and then made it into a grilled cheese. Was delicious. :9


                I always make my eggs scrambled. I typically add a small amount of milk and salt & pepper while cooking. Occasionally I’ll add some chopped ham or lil’ smokies sausages! Tasty!

                I also love boiled eggs. They’re great in a salad, or just snacking on one on its own.

                Of course, the best is deviled eggs. Aw yeah. Those taste almost too good to be true.

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                  Fried or “over hard” with some salt, pepper and Cholula hot sauce! That’s my favorite. I watched an episode of Good Eats with Alton Brown recently (from season 1) where he talks about eggs. Pretty fascinating! He says if you’re planning on hard boiling them, to tie up the carton and lay it on its side in the fridge. It helps the yolks settle in the middle. Also that eggs should NOT be kept in the door of the fridge because it opens and closes, and the constant temperature change can cause them to spoil faster. They should be kept deep in the fridge where it is coldest, and only taken out immediately before use. Taking the whole carton out and letting it sit in your hot kitchen for 10+minutes before cooking causes them to spoil as much in that little time as they would a week in the fridge….unless you’re going to use the whole carton at once.


                    the best eggs…are made with tofu! With lots of rooster sauce :bigsmile:


                    It used to be scrambled, then hard boiled. When I started dating my husband, he made me scrambled egg and toast sandwiches I love, but now I love his omelettes more.

                    I also do love Scotch Eggs though. We were introduced to them through a eating contest at a Renaissance Faire (that he almost beat). His favorite way to eat egg, which I can’t stand, is to scramble them in a bowl or cup and microwave them.


                    I like my eggs “poad-ched” πŸ™‚

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                      “Poad-tched”? Is that where you put the egg in the shell behind a poad and ask the poad if chocolate is nasty? (NOOOOOO!)


                        My FAVORITE :p way to enjoy the “Incredible Edible Egg”. Scrambled with WHATEVER I want in em’, cooked like a BIG pancake(flipped a couple of times) πŸ˜‰ ….Melt a little shredded cheese on top….(YUM)….cut into sections and put in a flour totilla wrap with dollups of cream cheese and KC Masterpiece bbq sauce!!! :~ (YES…I DID say BBQ sauce) 😐 I know it sounds strange…but once you try it….you’ll be HOOKED!! :p Guess what I’m having for dinner tonight?(LOL) πŸ˜‰ …(logs off and runs into the kitchen)…..


                          My mom likes to poach eggs and serve them on whole wheat or multigrain toast or english muffins with salt, pepper and ketchup to make our own breakfast sanwiches. We used to use cheese or bacon too but we don’t eat dairy or pork products anymore after studying why they aren’t healthy. (Eggs are healthy though if you get fresh farms ones, organic or free range.) We found you can sprinkle nutritional yeast on the eggs while cooking or after to give them a cheesy flavour for a healthy alternative to cheese.

                          I like scambling eggs (in olive oil) with salt, pepper, paprika or (seasoning salt or italian seasoning) and adding bits of onion, garlic, tomatoes, mushrooms, red or green pepper, sometimes spinach and sometimes mixing in hashbrown potatoes. And again you can mix in nutrional yeast too for a cheesy flavour.

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                            I like my eggs best when they are fresh out of the happy chicken’s butt.

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                              Agreed with Jennifer! Those are the tastiest eggs!

                              My favourite way to prepare eggs is to mix them with salsa, dill and a bit of salt in a bowl then fry ’em in a sort of omelette paddy which I then stick between two pieces of toast with a slice of cheese and mustard. Alternatively, when I have it I love using whole fresh garden cherry tomatoes and mushrooms instead of the salsa. Sometimes I crumble bits of cheddar right into the egg mix and they get all melty and mmmmmmm….

                              We actually have some fresh tomatoes right now, so I know what my breakfast will be! πŸ˜€

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