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    Yes, eggs are awesome with mayo! I love ’em with mustard too. šŸ˜€


    Oh and with a Coke Zero FTW. šŸ˜€



    I like eggs all kinds of ways–if I fry them, I eat the whites first and save the yolks for last and dip toast in it. Yummmm :yum: I like omelets with milk and cheese, like them scrambled, like them boiled–I just like eggs!



    I like sunny side up eggs, or poached eggs with runny yolks. I also used to make scrambled eggs at school (my college had an egg station in the morning with real eggs) – sauteed onions, mushrooms, heat up cut up tomatoes, add scrambled eggs, ham, a *tiny* bit of cheese on occasion for flavor (not very often, since I’m borderline allergic to milk, but I do have a small tolerance for cheese when spaced out in smaller quantities), scramble before it gets too dry… put it on my plate, then took some yolks, heated them up a bit, so they got warm and thicken a little, and drizzled it over the scrambled eggs like a sauce. YUM! No runny whites though… just the yolks. :yum: :yum:

    Hard boiled eggs are yummy, either as a sandwich (with miracle whip light… grew up with it… regular mayo is too rich and bugs my stomach), or dipped in salt. We also make egg salad at the house (I only eat what we make though… everyone else uses real mayo :puke: ). My aunt’s deviled eggs are nice too. Always around at family gatherings at her place (she lives nearby).

    My mom likes her eggs poached the same way too and I make them perfectly for her (my dad tends to walk away or cook them too high, so that crucial runny stage is missed, ruining them for her (and me). Dry poached eggs just aren’t the same. :negative:


    Yum siberakh, that sounds eggcellent! Hey, someone had to be the goober on this thread. šŸ˜€



    Sunnyside up with a nice runny yolk. Deviled when I’ve got the time, scrambled when I’m feeling lazy, boiled when I gotta take ’em somewhere. But I do believe that I like eggs best when they’re mixed into a light fluffy cake or chocolate chip cookies. Yup. :yum:


    It all sounds delicious to me!!

    Ha ha GB, good point about the bakery goods! šŸ˜†


    LOL Good point GB! šŸ˜†


    I like a nice soft-boiled chucky-egg in a wooden egg-cup, with a plate full of toasted bread soldiers to dip in.

    That and I love eggs in the form of a Scotch Egg (if you don’t know what a Scotch Egg is, you can Google it or check out this recipe).


    Oh man those Scotch Eggs sound delightful! I’m definitely going to try that recipe. Thanks for sharing! šŸ™‚


    machineguts wrote:

    Oh man those Scotch Eggs sound delightful! I’m definitely going to try that recipe. Thanks for sharing! šŸ™‚

    That recipe doesn’t have pictures. Here’s another recipe with pictures.


    I had just finished a google search for pics of them. I might even try them tonight LOL! :yum:



    Yummy recipe! Thank you, Dave. :yum:



    Hubby’s mom makes scotch eggs. Talk about a heart attack on a plate!! šŸ˜€ I still love them though. Love eggs, poached, scrambled, over easy, omelette…darn, now I’m hungry…


    I scrambled up three eggs with cheese and ham for dinner tonight because of all of you and your delicious recipes! LOL šŸ˜€

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