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    I still can’t get the hang of ebay time. It should pop up in about a half hour. 9PM EST

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    I posted 2 more pieces on eBay. First is a Curled Dragon in White. Limited edition and signed.

    Second is a Curled Dragon in Gold. Also Limited edition and signed.

    Both have low starting bids. Check them out. My ebay name is “pamswindstones”.

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    Yeah, sorry about the confusion. I’m kind of a night owl and I didn’t want my listing ending at 3 am so I set a start time on them. The Mother Coiled Dragon is up now. The baby unicorn should be up in like an hour and a half.

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    I’d be willing to ship international for forum members. I just don’t want to get mixed up with some of the weirdos on ebay. Feel free to bid and if you win, just don’t check out right away. Message me either here or on ebay and I’ll give you an adjusted shipping rate.

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    This Baby Unicorn in “Calico” color is test paint #1 done by Melody Peña in 2011. This little unicorn foal is painted to look like a calico cat! Melody’s signature is on the bottom. He is a rare one!

    He’s on eBay Here starting 1/28 at about 7:30 pm. Starting bid is just $120.

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    I’m posting my first item on ebay and should be opening my storenvy.com store later this week.

    This guy goes up for auction starting Monday night (1/27) at 6:30.
    Copied from the COA:
    The Windstone Mother Coiled Dragon by M. Pena pictured above is #1 of an open Artist’s Edition of a special “Silver Pearl” color. The decoration was designed and executed by Windstone Editions painter Olimpia Carapia and the felt bottom pad bears her signature.

    This Mother Coiled Dragon was originally purchased at auction direct from Windstone Editions on June 30, 2008.

    Check it out here.

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    Thanks Jennifer.

    If there’s a piece you see that you may be interested in, you can feel free to PM me with the item in the title. It may take me a while to get back to you but I can at least let you know when the item you’re interested in is listed.

    I only have part of the collection for now. Asking for a piece that isn’t listed below could take a very long while. I’m going to sell through what I have first before picking up more.

    This is what I have and have been able to identify so far. If there is a lot of interest in a particular piece I’ll probably list it sooner on ebay. But again, this can get overwhelming very quickly and I fully intend to go at my own pace with this. Please don’t get upset if you don’t get a response or if it takes me a while.

    Oriental Sun Dragon-Emerald
    Oriental Sun Dragon-Twilight
    Trio of Dragons Candlelamp
    Lap Dragon-Amethyst w/invisible paint
    Mother Dragon-Copper Patina (Old version)(red eyes)
    Curled Dragon-Silver – blue eyes
    Oriental Dragon-Emerald
    Oriental Dragon-Dark Peacock
    Baby Ki-Rin
    Mother Coiled Dragon-Silver Pearl
    Curled Dragon-White
    Curled Dragon-Gold
    Baby Meerkat-Grey Tabby
    Mother Coiled Dragon-Spring Emerald
    Mother Coiled Dragon-Silver Tiger
    Male Dragon-Rain Forest
    Old Warrior-Rainbow
    Male Griffin-Stripey Brown Tan
    Fennec Fox-Tan
    Fennec Fox-Tan / Brown
    Baby Meerkat-Grey Bengal
    Baby Meerket-Tan
    Hatching Emperor-Brown
    Griffin Candlelamp

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    Thanks so much everybody. And I know at first Jennifer asked that you not ask the family for specific pieces and we appreciate the time to kind of wrap our heads around the entire situation. But if there are any “grail pieces” you were looking for, please PM me. I’m sure that, more than anything, Pam would want the pieces to go to someone who would appreciate them as much as she did. It might take a little while to find specific pieces but I’ll do my best.

    For anyone who is interested, the money we receive from these pieces will go back into the estate and into trust funds she set up for children of the family and children of her close friends for college.

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