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    Glad to hear from you guys ๐Ÿ™‚ hopefully I’ll get the account thing settled too lol. ย Any new pretties you guys have to show off lately?? A dream piece and such


    I did get it. ย And Susie! ย Hiyas ๐Ÿ™‚


    Is there no way to edit my account now?


    Thank you guys so much, glad you like them!

    All three of those last ones will have new homes soon. I have one more keeper in progress that will be up for general sale. And a couple of other small things I need to go back and finish. On a side note I am definitely moving. So any of the older PYOs that are still available need to go if I can. Won’t be able to take much with me ~.~ will also have some production pieces up for sale soon. I have some other stuff as well, if you are curious you will just have to ask lol. If you ever wanted a piece I have done, or have received now is the time to ask me about it. There is only two in my collection I absolutely will not part with!


    Okay! Lots inc. Have done a few more as well, but these are the ones I have finished and are newly up for sale.

    Tranquil Grotto- For sale

    Last of the foo mums I had to paint. Deep greens and blues, highlights of lime green on the fur sections. Copper accents shaded to a rich brown and black. Blue crystals/eyes and ivory coloured horns/frill!

     photo tranquil pool 2_zpsbozaxpxh.jpg
     photo tranquil pool 4_zpsb0ko8msq.jpg
     photo tranquil pool 5_zpscjvd64md.jpg
     photo tranquil pool_zpssy46rono.jpg

    Demeter – For Sale

    TONS of shading and fine detail on this piece. Designed her to look as though she could be hiding in
    a lilac bush =) Pretty much every textured scale has been hand shaded on this one. Aged ivory look on the horns and belly. Very much an artsy work ๐Ÿ™‚

     photo demeter 2_zpstad26igv.jpg
     photo demeter 3_zpspsf0ollb.jpg
     photo demeter 4_zpsvfgfs87q.jpg
     photo demeter 5_zpspdbz1hhp.jpg
     photo demeter_zpsd39hzsqn.jpg
     photo demeter_zpsd39hzsqn.jpg

    Cloud Nine- Fore sale

    Another artsy one. Deceptively simple. The shading on this one is very smooth. Irridescent flashes of violet and silver gleam from different angles. This one took as much time as some of the more complicated pattern pieces I have done. The lightest areas on this one have a matte finish for extra contrast, and also gives it a soft velevety look. Silver eyes from tohickon in this one. Because every cloud needs its silver lining =)

     photo cloud nine 2_zpsmwyqfdhh.jpg
     photo cloud nine 3_zps4bixo5pj.jpg
     photo cloud nine_zpsgyqrv7t8.jpg
     photo cloud nine 4_zpsvkfe5vsr.jpg

    Hope you guys enjoy! If you are interesting in buying any of these pieces just let me know. Any questions and I will be happy to answer.



    Thank you guys ๐Ÿ™‚ glad you like him!!


    Latest one. For sale. Ready to go and waiting for a new home =)

    Spring fire

    Warm firey color, offset with spring green feet, eyes and gem. Subtle metallics and hints of irridescent shimmer. heavily antiqued this one since it seems to work well with the pallet.

    Hope you guys enjoy him =)

     photo spring fire_zpsnoz5usbn.jpg
     photo spring fire 2_zpstauar2ww.jpg
     photo spring fire 3_zpsu7sfdemj.jpg
     photo spring fire 4_zpsdqglig1c.jpg
     photo spring fire 6_zpskos5mvtj.jpg

    if you are interested feel free to PM me with any questions. Thanks!


    Thank you guys ๐Ÿ™‚ HUGS


    i will be doing a few more than I thought. I found a few more blank keepers hiding in the closet with my windstone boxes. So if I can fit those in between some commissioned art I have going I will get them up as well. Any requests or commissions, feel free to speak up!


    THank you guys bunches HUGS

    check out classifieds for the full list of the PYOs I have for sale still. sold quite a few already. I want them all gone if I can lol!


    Thank you guys =)

    I will shortly be putting up a list of all my older PYOs for sale. They will be sold for wway less than I would normally ask. But I might be moving in the spring and its time for them to go! SO look for that in classified section soon. I have two more blanks, a small dragon and another foo mom. As soon as I get these painted I will post pics. The newer OOAK ones wont be listed at the clearance rates lol. but I will sell them at a lower price than I would normally ask. Will also have a few more GB and production items up for sale soon. Hope you guys are having a great holiday =)


    Thanks! Glad you like her. I shade pretty much everything I paint, so it helps add a bit of depth. I have trouble photographing the metallics however, they always appear somewhat washed out. Most you have gotten pieces from me will understand what I mean lol.

    Next one up, Quasar! Violet, sapphire, teals and bright greens. This keeper has metallic green/gold eyes from tohickon, peridot crystal and is thickly coated in the magic invisable paint. The dark body and wings show the glittery finish off really well! The green has traces of flourescent paint in it, so will be mildly reactive to black light. Again, the colours on this are much richer than I can capture in my pictures. If you are interested in buying any of my work feel free to PM me with any questions. I am always happy to answer.


     photo Quasar2_zps7997381d.jpg
     photo Quasar_zps2731022d.jpg
     photo Quasar5_zps9121a0c3.jpg
     photo Quasar4_zpsc04b0a76.jpg
     photo Quasar6_zps2986de04.jpg
     photo Quasar3_zps5a2ae36b.jpg


    Artemis! Forest, tigery themed unicorn. Horn and hooves are a soft pearly white. The eyes are a custom shade of dark metallic blue-green to match the stripes better. Lots of subtle shading on this girl that doesnt lend itself well to my photography skills. The mail and tail have a coating of gold interference. She is for sale as well. Enjoy!

     photo Artemis3_zps15be0cb7.jpg
     photo Artemis14_zpsada41f2a.jpg
     photo Artemis9_zps2af826e4.jpg
     photo Artemis7_zps8a6e95db.jpg
     photo Artemis4_zps21f30b63.jpg
     photo Artemis5_zpsaf55b4fe.jpg

    Will have a keeper coming up soon, almost complete ๐Ÿ˜‰


    Have another one done, but making custom coloured eyes so will be at least tomorrow before I can take pics. Also have to think of a name lol, so stay tuned! More otw


    Glad you guys like her! Thank you very much ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I have been painting small details on things for a lot time, so have had tons of practice lol. Even before I knew of PYOs. I paint little pictures on christmas ornaments every year pretty much. And things of that nature! Speaking of which, I should probably see if anyone wants to buy those too hehe. Wish I could post pics of repaints. I have several of those I want to part with.

    Hope you all are having a grand week! Another day or two I should have another to post. Cheers all

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