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    They’re all gorgeous, but I am just LOVING the scales on Demeter! Fantastic work! 🙂



    WOW! That green/purple dragon is a handsome baby! 🙂 Very nice work! 🙂 I love how you laid out the colors on it!



    Wow, those are gorgeous! I really like the colours on the dragons!

    Looking for rainbow or pink & teal grab bags!



    Thank you guys so much, glad you like them!

    All three of those last ones will have new homes soon. I have one more keeper in progress that will be up for general sale. And a couple of other small things I need to go back and finish. On a side note I am definitely moving. So any of the older PYOs that are still available need to go if I can. Won’t be able to take much with me ~.~ will also have some production pieces up for sale soon. I have some other stuff as well, if you are curious you will just have to ask lol. If you ever wanted a piece I have done, or have received now is the time to ask me about it. There is only two in my collection I absolutely will not part with!



    Tranquil Grotto

    Last of the foo mums I had to paint. Deep greens and blues, highlights of lime green on the fur sections. Copper accents shaded to a rich brown and black. Blue crystals/eyes and ivory coloured horns/frill!

    I’m normally not enthusiastic about blue eyes, but Tranquil’s eyes just set her off so well, and her colors are some of my favorites… she simply *spoke* to me! I LOVE Her Color Scheme, and I’m sure she will look Spectacular in person! Thanks opal dragon! 😀

    EDIT: I received ‘Grotto’ several weeks ago, but wanted to let you know how very much I Love Her! Here’s Tranquil Grotto on my desk shelf at work – She’s so pretty and gives me inspiration! I found the Perfect ‘Keep’ for her collar – the Green glass bead matches her green coloration, and the smoky quartz bead pulls out the darker points around her beautiful Blue eyes! I LOVE HER! 😀
    Thanks Opal! She looks Marvelous in person! 🙂

     photo Tranquil Grotto_wKeep_zpssuidyotm.jpg

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    Beautiful work on that silver lining Keeper! Love the blues and the gradations.



    I am the lucky owner of “Demeter” and she arrived today. So absolutely stunning in person! The green areas look exactly like lizard skin and the purple scales look like flower petals. Even the horns – so realistic looking! I totally love her, Misty, thank you!

    If you are looking for a commission artist in the future, or are thinking about buying one of the pieces she has for sale, Misty gets my recommendation! 🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 76 through 82 (of 82 total)

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