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    What’s that old warrior in the back ground look like?

    Never mind found him in another post πŸ˜† πŸ˜€


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    Pam Thompson wrote:

    Oh happy day!!! UPS found my package and it was succesfully delivered to the buyer’s house. Buyer liked the snakes so much that he has decided to order some more!

    *happy dance*

    I am shipping USPS next time.

    I glad they found it, but don’t jump ship too fast. Lost packages are an unavoidable part of the shipping industry and have to happen to somebody. Sadly, this it happened to you. But remember if this had happened with USPS the package could have been lost forever! And USPS insurance is a hassle… They really don’t like to pay up.

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    He so awesome that he dwarfs the poor Scratcher in the background. Hehehe! Looks like one chomp and that Scratcher is history… πŸ˜†

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    Aww man! I like Shape Contrast and 3-4 Color Blending and any combo thereof!

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    Well both listing are not just canceled but they’ve been completely removed from eBay. So…

    Littlewolfspiritwalker, since you’re obviously lurking… Why not apologize to Watergazer (for stealing her pic and then lying about it) and Skigod (for being rude) and make friends? This is a pretty forgiving bunch if you’d just own up.

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    In Memphis there is Graceland Elvis’s home. Nashville has Dolly World and Country Music related attraction. That’s about all I know of….

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    I believe this one was “Penny” then “War Paint” and now this new paint job. “War Paint” had lost many details to the paint so I hate to think what this one looks like with 3 paint schemes layered on (hard to tell in those pictures). It looks like s/he is just trying to get out from under this one. “Pan” isn’t so bad off since he was changed piece meal… Effectively only 2 layers.

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    skigod377 wrote:

    Ettevy wrote:

    Are you accusing us of having the gift (or curse) of gab? There isn’t anyone here like that! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

    *CaughLIARCough* πŸ˜›

    I’m sorry I did catch that. I’m a little deaf in that ear. You’ll have to speak louder next time. Moving on. 😈

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    skigod377 wrote:

    emerald212 wrote:

    I believe Water has already spoken to her. I don’t know what the result was, but maybe someone can find it in the old thread. Where’s Mimi when we need her?

    I posted the topic above. Water pops in on page three. The conversation continues onto page 4 and then goes on and on as we all love to do πŸ˜† πŸ˜‰

    Are you accusing us of having the gift (or curse) of gab? There isn’t anyone here like that! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

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    Melody wrote:

    You don’t want to watch me detailing these things. I am not afraid to get out the saw and hack their heads off to get to the hard to reach spots. I stick ’em back together with wax and get them recast.
    I am thinking of leaving the halluxes off of the hippgriff too. Pesky things.

    Ah ha! Now I know where all those hard to reach details on the PYO Mare came from! Slicing and dicing! Man it’s tough painting the details inside the legs (yea for angled brushes)! Couldn’t image how they were sculpted! She’s so bea-u-ti-ful.

    Note, between back right ‘toes’ is a rough spot that’s really tough to get paint into to hide it.

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    My mother is a bit pushy at times too, enough that it effects our relationship (like now). She pouts, she uses guilt, she nags, whatever she thinks will help, and she thinks she is either doing it all for me or I’m the only problem, so I say this from experience. The only way to handle her is put your foot down, politely and respectfully, but hard! And I mean put a hole in the floor if necessary! And keep it there, don’t waffle – that will just encourage her to push more! The only times I don’t have problems with my mom is when I firmly tell her ‘no’ at the start. If I waffle, she doesn’t back off even after I add a firm no. Kids are a place you need to take charge of from the beginning! Don’t let her override you on the baby! I didn’t and boy am I glad. Now I say ‘no’ and that’s it, no arguments. I’m sorry to say it will never be easy though. My mom and I are closer than I think you and your mom, we can talk and things do get better for a while, but so far it always goes back to the old way of things. I keep hoping.

    And you need to put you foot down with your Dad too. He shouldn’t be enabling her to manipulate you through him. Tell him that you deserves respect and you have a right to your own life and that your mom is giving/allowing you neither. Part of being a parent is knowing when to let go, and some parents have a really hard time figuring that out. Maybe your dad will understand this and quit helping your mom.

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    I had a less than pleasant run in with her too. I had thought she had bought Water’s wolf and she was reselling it and had honestly mislisted it as her own work. She hadn’t and her reply to my polite notice of correction wasn’t nice, insisting strongly it was her work. So I have to agree with Skigod. At the very least she owes Water an apology for her repeated thefts (remember she used the photo twice, one sold and one was canceled). And yes, I noticed she recently joined up. Joining up does not make theft, or being rude, ok.

    New pics page 1

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    So pretty!

    dragonessjade wrote:

    I think she has enough yellow. Are you gonna do something on the back of the uni as well?

    She has just an edge of “flame” on the bottom back where the legs meet the body and her left ear is yellow waiting on red.

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